Zhejiang Telecom and Alibaba Cloud reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation to serve Zhejiang’s digital reform

On December 30, 2021, Zhejiang Telecom announced a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Alibaba Cloud. The two parties integrate their superior resources and capabilities, carry out in-depth cooperation in “building a good cloud”, “using the cloud”, and “protecting the cloud”, deepen government-enterprise market cooperation, jointly build a regional cloud service center, and gradually build a “province city-district” The “county-township” digital construction system better serves the digital reform and construction of Zhejiang.

According to the agreement, Zhejiang Telecom has become Alibaba Cloud’s highest priority operator partner in Zhejiang. The two parties will establish a joint project team to leverage their respective advantages to jointly complete the implementation and delivery of large-scale government-enterprise digital projects. At the same time, the two parties will deepen the integration of the supply chain, enrich ecological cooperation, and provide basic guarantees for their superior services.

It is reported that the two parties will jointly build the Zhejiang Regional Technical Service Competence Center. Alibaba Cloud will provide special cloud technology job training and certification for Zhejiang Telecom’s technical staff, focusing on digital government affairs, urban brains, science, education, culture and health, agriculture and rural areas and other digital transformations. In key areas, we will join hands to build a professional team to help the digital transformation of government and enterprises.

In addition, the two parties will actively explore industry innovation opportunities, based on cloud computing, 5G and other technologies, integrate their respective resources in the government cloud, industry cloud, edge cloud, DingTalk and other markets, and provide users with the best and most economical digital construction plan. . Among them, Alibaba Cloud will invest in the development of “Zhejiang Enterprise Nail”. In the future, Zhejiang small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to enjoy the integrated information service of the integration of “Cloud Network Nail”.

Zhang Tao, General Manager of China Telecom Zhejiang Branch attended the signing ceremony and said, “Zhejiang Telecom and Alibaba Cloud work together to accelerate the integration of their core competitive advantages. Zhejiang Telecom will take this opportunity to give full play to our information infrastructure and localized service team. With the advantages of the flexible, efficient and energetic cloud computing field-Alibaba Cloud, we will focus on the’three focuses’, win with the cloud, stand up to the forefront, and jointly empower our province’s digital reform and high-quality development. Demonstration area of ​​common prosperity.”

Li Jin, vice president of Alibaba Group and general manager of Alibaba Cloud’s Global Technical Services Department, said, “Zhejiang is a pioneer in the national digital economy, and Zhejiang Telecom is the backbone of the construction of digital Zhejiang. We will leverage Alibaba Cloud’s technological advantages and actively support Zhejiang Telecom. For the development of government and enterprise affairs, do a good job in regional sinking, provide solid services to the front line, and jointly promote the high-quality development of Zhejiang’s digital reform.”

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