What is the new focus of Beijing’s smart transportation construction?

In 2019, Beijing will focus on strengthening the rail transit network, improving the ground bus network, improving the slow-moving system network, improving the road facilities network, and strengthening the “five network” service capabilities of the smart transportation network, so as to promote Beijing. High-quality development of transportation, and strive to build a modern comprehensive transportation system that is “safe, convenient, economical, efficient, green, intelligent, open and integrated”.

First of all, Beijing will speed up the construction of new rail transit lines, open 3 rail transit lines including the first phase of the new airport line for trial operation, and continue to promote the construction of 14 (sections) 252.3 km rail projects including the first phase of Line 3; The transportation capacity of transportation lines will be realized, the construction of the splitting project of Line 13 will be realized, and the operation of Line 1 and Batong Line will be promoted. Optimize and adjust 80 bus lines, create 2 “punctual, fast and convenient” bus demonstration corridors, vigorously develop customized buses and other diversified buses, coordinate and promote the construction of 4 municipal comprehensive transportation hubs such as Dongxia Garden, and improve ground buses network.

Secondly, Beijing will also complete the comprehensive management of the 850-kilometer bicycle walking system at the two levels in the urban area, build 2 slow-moving demonstration blocks, and develop a refined slow-moving system; compile and complete the city’s special urban road plan, coordinate and promote the construction of expressways, trunk roads and secondary roads. A road network system with reasonable branch road structure, complete the construction tasks of 25 secondary branch roads in the sixth district of the city and Tongzhou district, smooth the microcirculation, and build a dense road facility network; accelerate the construction of traffic big data and smart urban traffic brains, and realize wisdom transportation network.

Finally, Beijing Transportation will also use the vacated land, build bus depots, parking facilities and micro-circulation roads according to the plan, promote the establishment of a “15-minute community life circle”, and meet the needs of non-commuter travel nearby, and through the implementation of policy regulation, Further reduce the intensity of motor vehicle use.

On the whole, although the construction of smart transportation in the capital has achieved certain results in urban road transportation construction, especially in the construction of smart public transportation, from the overall urban transportation construction level, everything has just started, and there is still a lot of room for construction.

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