Weilai: The first Sichuan-Tibet-Qiang charging ring line in the country has been opened to lay out 12 charging stations

Recently, NIO, a new energy vehicle company, said that it has opened the first Sichuan-Tibet-Qiang charging loop in the country, and 12 charging stations will be deployed along the entire route. This will greatly advance the driving range of new energy vehicles.

Weilai: The first Sichuan-Tibet-Qiang charging ring line in the country has been opened to lay out 12 charging stations

By the end of May, NIO had delivered a total of 109,514 new energy vehicles. At present, the cumulative mileage of NIO users has exceeded 2 billion kilometers. It took only more than 7 months to go from 1 billion kilometers to 2 billion kilometers, and everything was difficult at the beginning. It took nearly 3 years to go from 0 to 1 billion kilometers. time.

For the most popular emerging application field of new energy vehicles, there is not much difference between domestic and foreign starting points. In recent years, a number of highly competitive new energy vehicle brands have emerged in China, such as Weilai, Xiaopeng, Ideal , Nezha and other new car-making forces.

Regardless of the brand name or the driving experience of the car, these new-generation car brands have brought a different feeling and atmosphere to the automobile market, and have also injected new vitality and hope into the domestic automobile market.

At present, the average selling price of NIO has reached more than 400,000 yuan, and it has begun to enter the high-end route. This confidence comes from NIO’s user portraits. At present, the average age of its users is 37.2 years old, and the post-80s account for 75% and the post-85s account for 50%.

Li Bin, the founder of Weilai Automobile, said that the new generation of users’ sense of looking up to foreign brands is disappearing.

This change in the new generation of Chinese consumers not only opens up infinite space for the development of Chinese auto brands, but also makes Chinese people look forward to the strong energy of Chinese brands in the future.

Taking the high-end route is a strategy that Weilai has always adhered to. Today’s market performance proves that this strategy has achieved initial results: while sales have increased, gross profit margins have also continued to increase. Li Bin, chairman of Weilai, believes that the probability of success in the high-end market is greater than that in the market of about 100,000 yuan, because “if the car is too cheap, many of the latest technologies cannot be used.” In the current market, NIO’s many technologies are considered to be at the forefront of the industry. Take the latest model ET7, which has just completed the first production line verification prototype officially off the assembly line on May 13, as an example.

The Sichuan-Tibet-Qiang charging loop line starts from Chengdu in the east and connects with National Highway 318 in the west. The route exceeds 2,300 kilometers. It passes through Siguniang Mountain, Dagu Glacier, Ruoergai Prairie, Jiuzhaigou and other scenic spots, covering the entire Aba Prefecture in western Sichuan. There are 12 Weilai destination charging stations along the Sichuan-Tibet-Qiang charging loop line to provide charging services for all electric vehicle owners, and watch the 20 scenes of Jiuzhai together.

In order to provide more electric vehicle users with a worry-free destination travel experience, starting from September 2020, NIO has officially launched a brand-new energy replenishment plan, Power Up Plan, which is openly soliciting power-up partners from the whole society to cooperate with NIO deploys destination charging piles in popular domestic tourism, business, leisure and other destinations to form a convenient and flexible fast charging network covering the whole country.

The opening of the Sichuan-Tibet-Qiang charging loop is the result of co-creation with NIO users. By jointly building destination charging stations, it will provide more electric vehicle users with a more pleasant travel experience.

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