Weibu Online completed the E-round financing of 500 million yuan, with a total financing of 800 million yuan within half a year

In March 2021, Weibu Online announced the completion of its E round of RMB 500 million financing. This round of financing was led by CPE Yuanfeng, and the old shareholder Yunhui Capital continued to follow. Previously, Weibu Online completed about 300 million yuan in Series D financing in September 2020, and a total of 800 million yuan in financing was completed within half a year.

At present, Weibu Online has nearly 300 employees, and its founding members are from companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, Baidu, and Meituan. From 2017 to 2020, Weibu Online was selected in Gartner’s “Global Threat Intelligence Market Guide” for three consecutive times.

As an emerging network security technology company in China, Weibu Online has been focusing on threat detection for a long time and has accumulated strong threat intelligence and threat detection and analysis capabilities. After the completion of the E round of financing, Weibu Online also officially released the host threat detection and response product OneEDR, and Weibu Online’s threat perception platform TDP based on network traffic detection, Internet security access service OneDNS, and local multi-source threat intelligence management platform TIP, etc. together constitute the “cloud + traffic + endpoint” threat detection and response product matrix.

Xue Feng, founder and CEO of Weibu Online, said that as the Internet and cloud computing are widely used in production and office environments in all walks of life in my country, the information security of organizations is faced with multiple challenges such as blurred boundaries, complex environments, and diverse threats. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend to combine cloud computing, big data and other technologies with the network security industry. Network security companies need to cloud their own security capabilities and empower them to corporate customers.

Zhang Yinghao, managing director of CPE, said that Weibu Online has built a comprehensive threat detection and response product system based on its threat intelligence capabilities, and has realized a subscription-based business model in the field of network security. From the perspective of technology, products and business models, all have High scarcity. CPE will help Weibu Online to complete a more comprehensive product, technology and market layout, and become a new generation of network security enterprises.

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