WaitTime, Intel and Cisco Provide Mall of America with Real-Time Insights to Improve Consumer Shopping Experience

Intel, WaitTime and Cisco have jointly launched an artificial intelligence solution that provides Mall of America insights into real-time traffic, crowd density and shopping experience. By analyzing this data, Mall of America can make informed business decisions that improve the shopping experience while maintaining the privacy of each consumer.

“With WaitTime, Intel and Cisco, we no longer have to guess at where and how our customers spend,” said Aaron Nielsen, vice president of technology at Mall of America & American Dream. And we can make real changes to improve the shopping experience. In particular, by recognizing the location of the customer through the Wi-Fi connection they are connected to, and overlaying their shopping route, we can really gain insight into the consumer.”

Intel with built-in AI acceleration? Xeon? Scalable processors and Cisco Meraki systems and analytics solutions, WaitTime leverages artificial intelligence to precisely count the number of people in a specific area and determine whether they’re staying there or just passing by. WaitTime also provides detailed situational analysis that operators can use to provide consumers with a better shopping experience.

Zachary Klima, CEO of WaitTime, said: “Intel is one of the most innovative technology companies in the world, and WaitTime values ​​the deep collaboration that enables our customers to leverage first-of-its-kind real-time business intelligence to drive efficiencies. And improve the experience for customers, consumers, etc.”

For shopping malls, stadiums, and more, crowd insights are key to improving business outcomes. Based on this, in the future, WaitTime, Intel and Cisco will continue to work together to expand the application of this retail solution to shopping malls, stadiums and more places across the United States.

About Intel

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is an industry leader creating world-changing technologies that drive global progress and enrich life. Inspired by Moore’s Law, we continue to advance semiconductor design and manufacturing to help our customers meet their most important challenges. By incorporating intelligence into the cloud, network, edge and computing devices of all kinds, we unlock the potential of data to make business and society a better place.

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