UiPath integrates first-class UI and API automation, and strengthens enterprise extension functions in the 2021.10 platform version

UiPath” target=”_blank”> UiPath has made more than 100 functional improvements to various products, and further expands the market-leading solution on the industry’s excellent end-to-end automation platform

Enterprise automation software company UiPath (NYSE: PATH) recently announced the launch of a new platform function that allows customers to discover, build, manage and run automated processes across the enterprise with powerful functions and simpler and more satisfying Experience to further promote the journey of automation.

With the release of the 2021.10 platform, UiPath has strengthened its core robotic process automation (RPA) solutions, and at the same time, for the first time launched enterprise-level automation functions based on UI and API, providing enterprise-level automation management, reliability, governance and security, and speeding up The way developers build automated processes and users implement automated processes. The new version also provides the advantages of cloud native architecture through the new UiPath automation suite, regardless of whether customers choose to deliver the UiPath platform through local deployment, public cloud or third-party hosting services.

Param Kahlon, Chief Product Officer of UiPath, said: “In the near future, automation will become the connecting force of the entire enterprise, providing digital connections across applications, systems and software. Enterprises have completely adopted the “automation first, automation foundation” approach to conception. , Design and execution process. By integrating adjacent new functions into one location and providing seamless integration between them, we can break through the existing RPA boundaries, greatly expand the field of development of developers, and increase exponentially And accelerate the overall impact of automation across the enterprise.”

Innovative features include:

UiPath integration services: UiPath customers can now get powerful API and UI integration, and can flexibly use any combination of UI and API in a single automation. Developers can now use the API simply and easily in UiPath Studio just like using the UI. They can quickly build automated processes that require APIs, as well as automated processes that span API and non-API applications and systems, such as those involving modern and traditional technologies. The integration service also supports centralized management of API access.

Support automation plays a key role in the enterprise: UiPath becomes the first enterprise in the industry to provide endpoint protection for RPA through its integration with CrowdStrike’s endpoint protection. Co-customers of UiPath and CrowdStrike can now provide robots with the same level of endpoint protection as employees. Due to the real-time correlation of incidents with the original RPA process and the ability to isolate hosts without interrupting business processes, this integration greatly improves and speeds up threat search, investigation, and remediation efforts while ensuring business continuity. This version also includes new features to extend and manage automation programs. Customers can automatically monitor and maintain key platform elements. For example, automatic robot repair is supported by the IT automation function built into the UiPath platform, which can evaluate the robot’s operating environment to detect and repair problems without manual intervention.

Accelerate the development and use of automation: For developers, this version includes software packages, components and intelligent “assistants” that can speed up construction, while standardizing and improving the quality of automation, making it easier to incorporate AI into their automation processes. Developers can directly introduce their company’s data science and UiPath partner models into AI Center through new machine learning operation solutions. Developers can now build automated processes for Linux. For civilian developers, it provides OneDrive and SharePoint integration. The object library in StudioX can now automatically capture and edit source code and create a reusable component library. For end users, the new integration between Assistant and the UiPath application market makes it easier to use the fast-growing and easy-to-use application market to automate processes. This new “select and use” function can introduce UiPath partners’ innovative solutions to end users’ desktops, making it easy for end users to find solutions that meet their daily needs.

Leading cloud-native automation: The automation suite uses the best experience of UiPath automation cloud SaaS and optimizes it for delivery in local, public cloud or hosting partners. This is the industry’s first single-install containerized software package. It provides all UiPath server products that are containerized through Kubernetes, and is integrated and delivered with built-in platform management tools. In addition, high availability and scale management are built-in, as well as UiPath’s end-to-end support for all products in the software package, including platform components and product integration.

Nathan Spencer, head of the civilian development project of WPS Health Insurance, said: “We have been waiting for a local solution to use some of these products, especially Automation Hub and task mining. In-depth research on Linux and Kubernetes is already part of our strategic roadmap; The automation suite prompts us to evaluate these technologies earlier, which will benefit the enterprise as a whole. All UiPath products have been packaged end-to-end into an installable containerized solution with infrastructure, which makes the installation faster—— This means that we can spend more time on improving the automated discovery process itself and bring benefits to the enterprise faster.”

Krishna Devineni, chief software engineer for Autodesk Intelligent Automation, said: “UiPath is actively developing horizontally and vertically. Horizontally, more and more products are added in the field of automation, and vertically, more and more functions are added to each product. . Another interesting feature I am looking forward to is automated operations. In the process of moving towards civilian development, the more governance functions we have, the better, so that it is easier to implement best practices and control measures, as well as security.”

About UiPath

UiPath takes the realization of a fully automated enterprise TM as its vision, that is, enterprises use automation to unleash their maximum potential. UiPath’s end-to-end automation platform combines robotic process automation (RPA) solutions with a full set of functions to help all organizations quickly expand their digital business operations.

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