The HTC China official community was officially closed today, and the website can no longer be opened

The HTC China official community announced on January 21 that the community will be closed from February 7, 2020, and the website can no longer be opened.

HTC officials said that users in need can follow the HTC official WeChat public account for consultation. In early January of this year, community members found that there was a problem with the website’s consultation, and it has not been repaired, and there are signs of community closure.

In addition, in early January 2020, HTC Elevate community users began to experience access problems when logging in, and the page later showed that the project was no longer supported. And this community is a high-end fan and supporter community established by HTC only by invitation only.

The previous financial report showed that HTC’s revenue in 2019 was NT$10.01 billion (about RMB 2.326 billion), a year-on-year decrease of 57.82%, and a decrease of 87% compared with the total revenue in 2017, which is also the worst in 19 years. one year.

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