The epoch-making new display[non-contact air imaging]product application is becoming more and more mature

[Introduction]The 10th China Electronic Information Expo will be grandly opened at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 17. Shenzhen Fanrui Technology Co., Ltd. (Booth No.: 1D003) will exhibit a variety of world’s first self-developed non-contact air imaging products.

Exhibits include:

(1) Non-contact air imaging ladder control for mass products (first generation floating type, second generation front floating type)

(2) 55-inch large air imaging screen

(3) Air imaging self-service machine

(4) Air imaging smart tea table, etc.

The epoch-making new display[non-contact air imaging]product application is becoming more and more mature

(The first generation of non-contact air imaging ladder control)

(The second generation of non-contact air imaging ladder control)

As an epoch-making new Display method, non-contact air imaging has a very important market under the concept of “non-contact is safer” advocated by epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic, and the “organic integration of the real world and the virtual world” envisaged by the metaverse concept. value.

Shenzhen Fanrui Technology Co., Ltd., an interactive air imaging product independently designed and developed, integrates the company’s cutting-edge air imaging technology and pointing light liquid crystal technology, adopts the principle of optical retroreflection, and is currently in a leading position in the world. Its advantages are notably reflected in: clear and natural aerial imaging, wide viewing angle, no dizziness, no rainbow, no ghosting, no vertigo, no sawtooth, no square spots, and the product design is flexible and diverse, and the floating interaction response is fast and accurate.

#Air Imaging Watch Concept Map (under development)

Retro-reflective air imaging has solved the problem of mass production and has stable production capacity. It can be widely used in medical, education, entertainment, vehicle, exhibition, smart home, smart wear and other fields. At present, Shenzhen Fanrui Technology Co., Ltd. has cooperated with a number of Japanese and Chinese listed companies to carry out joint research and development of consumer-grade air imaging products, such as air imaging smart watches, air imaging smart access control and so on. As a series of products are gradually put on the market, non-contact air imaging will quickly enter the daily life of society, become an epoch-making new Display method, and effectively promote the integration of virtual and real worlds, creating a new way of life.

The 10th China electronic Information Expo (CITE2022) will focus on smart home, smart terminal, 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, IC design, ultra-high-definition video, 3D glass cover, semiconductor display, AR/VR, AI+ digital twin , Robots, Big Data and Storage, Sensors, Consumer Electronics, Cross-border Ecology, Automotive Semiconductors, Unmanned Vehicles, Autonomous Driving, Internet of Vehicles, Fuel Cells, Charging Technology, Industrial Internet, Information Technology Application Innovation Products, Basic components, Special Components and other popular majors, the exhibition area exceeds 100,000 square meters, there will be 1,800 exhibitors from around the world, and more than 100,000 professionals will participate. In the same period, more than 100 summit theme forums will be held, through a series of activities such as theme seminars, technical exchanges, solicitation and selection, and new product release, to promote the vigorous development of China’s electronic information industry.

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