Ten years ago, Meizu M8 started running. Netizens: It can be said to be very advanced

Remember the Meizu M8, the first smartphone released by Meizu in 2009? A few days ago, a blogger posted a start-up video of the Meizu M8. The system animation and smoothness are impressive, and the sound quality of the external broadcast can be said to be better than that of most mobile phones today. Some netizens sighed: It can be said that it is very advanced.

Ten years ago, Meizu M8 started running. Netizens: It can be said to be very advanced

Although it has been 10 years, the Meizu M8 in the video can still be turned on, charged and operated normally. From the system UI to the transition animation, even now, it still does not seem to be behind. In today’s flat, quasi-materialized design style is very rare and precious.

The external sound quality is a major feature of the Meizu M8. The dual stereo speakers and the Meizu sound quality tuning skills are enough to kill most mobile phones even now.

Some netizens said: “The first domestic smartphone: the Meizu M8 released 11 years ago, there are still many places ahead.” “The charging animation is still awesome even now.” “I watched it for 8 minutes, but I didn’t feel it It’s boring, every second is serious, this is probably what I like.” “It’s really awesome. The interaction of mobile phones 10 years ago is as good as now.”

On February 18, 2009, the Meizu M8 was officially launched nationwide. At the door of almost every Meizu store, there are people lining up early to buy machines. This kind of grand occasion can only be seen when Apple’s iPhone in the United States is on the market.

In just two months since the launch of Meizu M8, the sales volume has reached 100,000 units. In just five months, the sales volume has exceeded 500 million yuan. In 2009, against the backdrop of other domestic mobile phone manufacturers losing almost all of them, the Meizu M8 mobile phone rose against the market, which is a miracle.

In terms of specifications, Meizu M8 uses a 3.4-inch 16 million color TFT screen with a screen resolution of 400 × 720, equipped with Samsung 667Mhz frequency CPU, 256MB of memory with 8G/16G storage, built-in 1300mAh battery, equipped with a 3.2 million pixel camera, running Windows CE system.

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