STMicroelectronics adds wireless communication capabilities to market-proven smart metering chipsets, increasing flexibility and scalability of smart infrastructure

-ST8500 smart meter chipset now integrates both RF and PLC communication functions

-Customer ADD Grup releases first hybrid communication smart meter leveraging upgraded capabilities

– Chipsets and demo solutions to be unveiled at Smart Energy & Utilities Europe 2019

China, November 14, 2019 – STMicroelectronics (ST; NYSE: STM), the world’s leading supplier of semiconductors across multiple electronics applications, is driving smart cities and industrial infrastructures. Integrates both powerline and wireless communication technologies within its market-proven smart metering chipset.

The STMicroelectronics ST8500 Power Line Communication (PLC) chipset, widely used in many smart meters, now combines the advantages of both wired and wireless connectivity technologies, allowing smart meters to communicate with existing power lines or radio frequency (RF) radio waves. Data acquisition device communication.

For situations where PLCs cannot be used due to power line noise issues or due to local regulations, equipment manufacturers can now use the ST8500 to quickly and efficiently implement wireless and PLC communication capabilities. In addition, built-in RF capabilities allow device designers to use the ST8500 to develop other smart devices (such as smart gas meters, smart water meters, environmental monitors, lighting controllers, and industrial sensors), taking full advantage of the ST8500’s high level of integration and ease of use .

European smart metering solutions company ADD Grup is the first to release a new PLC/wireless hybrid metering product based on this upgraded chipset. Ruslan Casico, Head of Sales and Marketing at ADD Grup, said: “With wireless support now fully integrated into the ST8500 firmware, ST’s chipset is the ideal platform for us to improve the network performance, reliability, capacity and scalability of our innovative electricity meter. New product The PLC/wireless hybrid communication capabilities have helped us win important metering projects in EMEA, Russia and Asia.”

Domenico Arrigo, general manager of STMicroelectronics’ Industrial and Power Conversion Division, added: “ADD Grup is the first to deploy our chipsets in next-generation smart meters. By supporting RF as well as market-leading PLC protocols, our market-proven chipsets allow Global smart cities and industry infrastructure can unlock even greater potential to save the planet’s resources and improve control automation and energy efficiency.”

STMicroelectronics will showcase the ST8500 chipset and customer-developed solutions for smart meters, smart homes, smart buildings and smart infrastructure at Smart Energy & Utilities Europe in Paris from November 12-14 (Booth J160).

More technical information:

By embedding RF Mesh networking support in the physical (PHY) layer and data link layer (Media Access Control MAC layer and 6LoWPAN) firmware, the ST8500 brings developers greater connectivity flexibility, leveraging the integration of powerline and wireless mesh networking Advantages, establishing flexible communication connections between smart nodes and data collectors. Different from simple point-to-point links, Mesh network technology can establish a large-scale node interconnection network, the reliability and fault tolerance of network connections are higher, and the communication distance is extended.

STMicroelectronics continuously strengthens the research and development investment in ST8500 programmable system chip and supporting chip STLD1 line driver, and completes the upgrade and expansion of product functions. In addition to the existing communication protocols, the ST8500 was certified to the latest PRIME 1.4 basic node specification and the G3-PLC CENELEC B PAN coordinator specification in early 2019, allowing it to be used to develop various PLC network nodes. Industry-certified solutions allow device manufacturers to gain regulatory approval for their products for quick and easy deployment in global markets.

STMicroelectronics also recently introduced a full-featured development kit to help users in smart energy, smart buildings, smart cities and similar applications create G3-PLC nodes. The development kit supports ST’s EVALKITST8500-1 evaluation kit and provides a complete open source firmware framework, including protocol stack, 6LowPAN adaptation layer for IPv6, and protocol engine and real-time engine firmware images. The package also includes an STM32 routine and STSW-SGKITGUI SmartGrid LabTool GUI. This user interface is used to configure and control the EVALKITST8500-1 hardware, run application commands and perform firmware upgrade operations.

The chipset is in production now. For pricing information and to request samples, please contact your local ST sales office.

*STM32 is a registered and/or unregistered trademark of STMicroelectronics International NV or its affiliates in the EU and/or elsewhere. In particular, STM32 is registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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