STM32 China Summit & Fan Carnival 2021 is back!

In 2021, the STM32 China Summit is back! With the theme of “core” ecology, “help” security, and “connect the future”, the 5th STM32 China Summit and Fan Carnival was held as scheduled in Shenzhen from April 28 to 29. At this summit, STMicroelectronics joined hands with 35 1 partner, presented more than 200 solution demonstrations, brought 54 technical conferences and seminars, and held the first 24-hour Hackathon challenge. In 2020, due to the global epidemic, the STM32 China Summit could not be held as scheduled. In 2021, we will See you again in Shenzhen! We have also added a live webcast of the summit to facilitate global audiences to watch the summit, and cater to different audiences’ interests by offering video-on-demand demonstrations.

STM32 China Summit & Fan Carnival 2021 is back!

The summit focuses on four major application directions: industry and security, artificial intelligence and sensing technology, cloud access and connection, ecology and innovation. There are related speeches, practical training, application demonstrations and other activities under each theme. The 2021 STM32 China Summit covers a wide range of content, ensuring that visitors can delve into a specific field, learn a lot of professional knowledge, try various application demonstrations, and gain a lot.

24 Hackathon Challenge: The Industry’s First Reality Show for Embedded Engineers

This summit held the 24-hour Hackathon challenge for the first time, which was the first reality show for embedded engineers in the industry, witnessing the blue butterfly powder seal the road.

The Hackathon Challenge attracted more than 50 teams to participate in the competition. ST selected 20 teams to participate in the preliminaries, and finally selected 10 teams to participate in the offline finals. This time is an open competition. The competition focuses on how contestants use ST product development projects, aiming at the realization of the following 10 related functions: GUI application, high-performance application, artificial intelligence, wireless (LoRA, Bluetooth), sensing application, security , motor drive, wireless module, STM32 ecosystem.

10 Hackathon Teams

Starting at noon on April 28, contestants have 24 hours to write development progress documents and create application systems. The scoring weights are 20% for online voting, 20% for on-site audience voting, and 60% for 7 judges from ST and external experts. On-site judging criteria include project completion, overall design complexity, ST tool usage, and project utility, creativity, and ingenuity. We broadcast the entire Hackathon challenge live, and also broadcast the competition live on ST WeChat WeChat, ST MCU China website and partner media websites.

7 judges

In order to help the participating teams prepare for the competition, ST sent them five different development boards a month before the Hackathon challenge, namely STM32H745I-DISCO, NUCLEO-WL55JC, P-NUCLEO-WB55, and NB-IoT Sensor Shield.

In addition, ST also provides technical documents to contestants, and engineers are always ready to answer their questions. With eclectic guidance and assistance, the arena of intense competition is turned into a classroom where you can teach at the right time, so that contestants can get immediate advice and quickly correct problems.

Engineers are always on hand to answer questions from players

Featured Solution Display: Seize the Next Tech Vendor in Minutes

From the full range of application demos on Display at the two-day summit, we’ve highlighted a few unique and popular solutions that showcase new industry trends:

The smart agriculture application solution brought by the Chinese company Seeed, the system sends information about soil moisture and health status through ST’s LoRaWAN module, takes targeted care of the soil in need, and greatly improves the efficiency of farming operations.

Photovoltaic inverters and photovoltaic panels brought by another domestic partner, Sungrow. The demo installation consists of solar inverters and photovoltaic panels that convert solar energy into electricity to make the world a cleaner, greener and better place. Sungrow’s products have been deployed in 150 countries, contributing to the mass adoption of solar energy. This shows that under the joint efforts of the whole society to improve the environment, power components can play a positive role.

ST also demonstrated a two-player training football capable of recording kicks. Nowadays, the use of sensors in sports is more and more common, and engineers are more concerned about how to use embedded systems to help professional players improve their training results. On-site visitors can experience the fun of “smart kicking” on the spot. The demo hangs the football from the ceiling and sets the sensor on the rope. When someone kicks the ball, inertial MEMS sensors will record the movement and capture velocity/acceleration data, as well as count the number of kicks over a period of time. At the same time, the STM32WB MCU in the ball will send real-time data to the mobile phone through Bluetooth BLE. The application demonstration can be used as a proof-of-concept prototype, and by developing a similar system and continuously improving it, engineers can help athletes improve their kicking posture and improve the accuracy of kicking movements.

The coolest fan carnival

For the STM32 fans who have been holding back for more than a year, the large-scale offline event – the STM32 Fan Carnival has begun!

On the second day of the summit, the STM32 Fan Carnival opened many brain-opening games and provided a variety of prizes, allowing the audience to experience the charm of STM32 in interesting interactive activities.

The entertainment quartet of the STM32 China Summit and Fan Carnival includes ①STM32MP1 Knowledge Challenge ②Who is Monopoly ③Drawing the Bow and Shooting the Blind Box ④Butterfly Ball Porter ⑤“Fighting Overlord” PK Competition, regaining childhood memories See who is the king of butterfly fans ⑦ Community Koi is waiting for you.

Participate in “Room Escape” to burn brain cells, “Crazy Jump” to compete for endurance, “Soccer Challenge” to release dopamine… There are many gifts at the scene, and it will be more fun with STM32!

There are dry goods, good looks, and benefits… This innovative STM32 summit is heartwarming and full of interest. Let’s meet together and look forward to seeing you again next year!

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