Sensing, Connecting, Lighting, Actuation Solutions and Design Resources to Drive Energy Efficient Innovation in IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly and revolves around innovation in user experience, posing challenges to designers in terms of energy efficiency, size, cost, and cross-domain expertise. Key building blocks such as sensing, connectivity, power management, and actuation are critical to IoT design. ON semiconductor continues to deliver innovative solutions, complete prototyping platforms and design tools that support these building blocks to address the above design challenges and drive energy-efficient innovation for IoT.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly and revolves around innovation in user experience, posing challenges to designers in terms of energy efficiency, size, cost, and cross-domain expertise. Key building blocks such as sensing, connectivity, power management, and actuation are critical to IoT design. ON Semiconductor continues to deliver innovative solutions, complete prototyping platforms and design tools that support these building blocks to address the above design challenges and drive energy-efficient innovation for IoT.

Perception: environment, vision, touch and other perception solutions are readily available

1. Intelligent passive wireless sensor: no battery, no maintenance

Data collection and communication through smart sensors facilitates data analysis, real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance. But with the large number of IoT edge nodes, using wired power is inefficient, replacing batteries is often inconvenient, and deploying in inaccessible or hard-to-reach places will also be a challenge.

ON Semiconductor’s Smart Passive Wireless Sensors (SPS) can be rapidly deployed in challenging environments where wiring is not possible or difficult to replace batteries for a variety of applications including smart home and buildings, industrial, transportation, healthcare, cold chain and more , without maintenance. Based on RFID, SPS collects energy from measurement signals without batteries and wiring. It can monitor various parameters such as temperature, humidity, and liquid level at the edge of the network. It is as thin as a film, and can be read after peeling and sticking.

ON Semiconductor also combines SPS technology with the development kit SPSDEVK1 to form a complete one-stop solution that integrates all hardware and software required, including readers, antennas, various types of sensor tags, power, Ethernet Network cables and analysis software for fast configuration and modification of multi-sensor IoT applications, saving time and money.

After continuous improvement, the latest generation of SPS products are semi-passive SPS that can be connected to batteries, have memory, can store data, and can transmit data to a database.

2. Image Sensors: Empowering All Things

As the eye of everything, image sensors play an important role in the development of machine vision and edge artificial intelligence. ON Semiconductor is a machine vision leader, with both CMOS and CCD image sensor technologies, product resolutions from 100K to 50 million pixels, high dynamic range (HDR), global shutter, near infrared enhancement (NIR+), RGB-IR, Key imaging technologies such as power scalability meet different application needs.

Like the XGS image sensor series, the series architecture enables a 1-grid design to support multiple products, advanced global shutter imaging provides excellent image quality and uniformity, supports 29 x 29 mm2 camera footprint, 12 million pixels, high frame rate, Speed ​​grades match key customer interface and application requirements, low power consumption, and key applications include inspection and motion analysis, broadcast imaging, high-end security monitoring, and more.

ON Semiconductor’s low-power imaging innovation for artificial intelligence provides global shutter-like performance with high-speed CMOS rolling shutter image sensors, enabling intelligent motion perception, capturing high-speed objects, and saving system power consumption. Infrared for emerging applications such as iris recognition, eye/gaze tracking, fingerprint recognition, meter reading, gesture input, presence detection, etc.
Some IoT or security equipment is sometimes placed in one place for a year or two, so the requirements for power consumption are very high, and the requirements for flexible use are also very high, because it is often woken up when it is needed, and it does not need to run 24 hours a day. Designed for this type of application, AR0431 features ultra-low power consumption of only 8mW at 1fps, frame rate adjustable from 1fps to 120fps, integrated AmbarellaCV25, and NIR+ technology to ensure effective nighttime imaging.

3. Capacitive sensor: high sensitivity

For smart automotive and industrial touch switches, distance detection, and gesture control, ON Semiconductor offers high-sensitivity capacitive sensors with femto-farad resolution that can sense even with air gaps, gloves, or water .


Designers face the challenge of choosing the most suitable protocol among the many wireless interconnection protocols. ON Semiconductor provides various solutions to support different protocols, including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Sigfox, Zigbee, Sub GHz, Mesh, etc.

1. BLE RSL10: The industry’s lowest power BLE

RSL10 Bluetooth 5 certified radio system-on-chip (SoC), with the industry’s lowest power consumption, ahead of the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmarking Consortium (EEMBC) ULPMark energy efficiency evaluation, deep sleep power consumption is only 62.5nW, receive power consumption as low as 7mW, It is the core device of various BLE solutions of ON Semiconductor. For example, it can be used as a BLE chip to transmit audio streams through ON Semiconductor’s protocol, and typical applications include walkie-talkies, remote microphones, hearing aids, etc.

Traditional Bluetooth interconnection enables point-to-point communication between two devices/nodes in close proximity, while Bluetooth low energy mesh networks use a many-to-many topology to provide secure end-to-end communication over extended ranges. ON Semiconductor’s Bluetooth Mesh solution relies on RSL10 to achieve the lowest power consumption node for long-distance interconnection in a wide range of applications such as building automation, wireless sensor network IoT, and asset tracking.

BLE5.0 Electronic tag kit based on RSL10 is based on Eclipse software development environment, which can flexibly and quickly create prototypes such as electronic price tags, smart bulletin boards, smart badges, smart wearable computing, etc., with ultra-low power consumption and flexible power supply voltage range .

2. Zigbee Green Power Energy Harvesting Switch: Ultra-low power consumption, no battery required

ZigBee supports short-range, low-power wireless communication, ON Semiconductor’s Zigbee Green Power energy harvesting switch does not require bucks, boosters and batteries, low EMC, easy to recycle, lower cost, better performance, and no maintenance , suitable for smart home, building, smart lighting and other applications.

3. Sub GHz

Sub GHz supports long-distance, ultra-low-power communications. ON Semiconductor’s Sub GHz Audio System-in-Package (SIP) is ideal for battery-operated systems, ultra-low power, includes all Bill of Materials (BOM), is ready to use, and is 10 times smaller than the equivalent PCB-based module.
lighting, actuation

ON Semiconductor provides a comprehensive lineup of AC-DC, DC-DC and linear LED drivers, together with a lineup of connection solutions, to realize smart lighting in smart homes, buildings, and cities, and has a broad lineup of motor drives to meet the wide range of IoT needs.

1. Bluetooth-controlled dimmable smart lighting solution driven by AC direct drive

The solution integrates the scalable power linear LED AC direct driver NCL30170, the industry’s lowest power consumption Bluetooth 5 SoC RSL10 and the high-voltage linear regulator NCP786A, eliminating the need for switching power supplies (SMPS), and is highly cost-effective, based on ON Semiconductor’s proprietary Active constant power dimming control technology to maintain uniform lighting brightness even when dimming, analog dimming range from 5% to 100%, power factor (PF) up to 0.99, total harmonic distortion under full load conditions ( THDi) is only 11%, and the standby power consumption is less than 200mW.

2. Dual output dimming smart lighting solution using FL7760 and RSL10

This solution provides a wide input range from 8V to 60V, constant current mode, minimum dimming range, analog dimming ratio less than 5%, PWM dimming duty cycle less than 1% at 2KHz, and high switching frequency up to 2Mhz.

Energy Harvesting Platform

As IoT requirements for data storage, processing and transmission continue to increase, so does the demand for energy. In an increasingly energy-constrained situation, energy harvesting solutions are a better solution to this challenge.

1. RSL10 solar cell multi-sensor board: enabling continuous battery-free monitoring

ON Semiconductor’s RSL10 Solar Cell Multi-Sensor Panel (RSL10-SOLARSENS-GEVK) is based on the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth low energy radio, the RSL10, and is fully powered by solar energy, enabling continuous battery-free sensor monitoring and data transfer to a cloud gateway. The platform combines the BME280 integrated environmental sensors (pressure, temperature, humidity) and the BMA400 ultra-low power 3-axis accelerometer to provide a comprehensive sensing solution. Door sensors and air quality monitoring, asset tracking such as package opening, closing detection, impact monitoring and temperature and humidity data logging, etc.

2. BLE energy harvesting switch

The BLE energy harvesting switch integrates the industry’s lowest power consumption RSL10 SIP and an energy-efficient energy harvesting switch from ZF Friedrichshafen AG. The ultra-low power consumption of the RSL10 supports harvesting sufficient energy from the vibration of the switch, battery-free and maintenance-free. This BLE energy harvesting switch comes with a complete BoM, circuit diagram, design files and source code, making it easy to develop applications such as smart lighting.

Other design platforms

1. IoT Sensor Development Kit: Ultra-Low Power Monitoring

Combining cutting-edge smart sensor technology with the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth Low Energy, with all the firmware, software, and mobile and cloud-related features required, it works out of the box for IoT applications with long-lasting battery life.

Sensing, Connecting, Lighting, Actuation Solutions and Design Resources to Drive Energy Efficient Innovation in IoT

2. IoT Development Kit (IDK): ready-to-use, enabling rapid operation from concept to production

IoT is the aggregation of different related technical disciplines and requires system solutions from various vendors, which presents challenges for evaluation, prototyping and system deployment. ON Semiconductor’s IDK is a configurable, node-to-cloud, prototyping platform that provides broad connectivity, sensing and control configuration options for multiple verticals and applications such as smart home, building automation and predictive maintenance. An easy-to-use integrated development environment (IDE), multiple example use cases, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud certifications enable rapid prototyping, bringing significant value to designers who are short on time and resources.

3. Bluetooth IoT Development Kit (B-IDK): Easy to develop low-power wireless applications

The B-IDK utilizes the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth 5 certified RSL10, enabling rapid prototyping and development of BLE-based edge-to-cloud applications. The B-IDK hardware consists of a baseboard and daughter cards that support a wide range of sensors and actuators. The B-IDK software is free to download and provides a complete development environment with some sample use case codes. By offering hardware-to-cloud capabilities and multiple sensing and actuator options, the easy-to-use B-IDK is ideal for developing and rapidly prototyping BLE IoT.

Design Tools

Strata Developer Studio: Comprehensive Development, Evaluation and Design Tools

The Strata Developer Studio platform enables engineers to work faster and easier with evaluation and development boards in a seamless, personalized and secure environment, providing up-to-date documentation, product information, design and application notes, and reference designs directly on the desktop document. Automatic over-the-air updates ensure materials are up-to-date, and users are notified of changes. Strata Developer Studio helps engineers accelerate and simplify designs for a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


The development of IoT innovation is based on user experience. The key and core of IoT innovation is to design building blocks such as energy-efficient perception, connection, lighting, and actuation, and to accelerate research and development through prototyping platforms and design tools. With comprehensive energy-efficient sensing, connectivity, power management, actuation technologies and expertise, ON Semiconductor provides a complete prototyping platform and innovative design tools, as well as field application engineering team support to drive energy-efficient innovation in IoT.

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