Samsung S22 Ultra real machine leaked in advance, Lu Taiwen angered three employees

Apple and Samsung may have the strictest secrecy measures at the moment, but they also have the least strict secrecy measures. Why do you say this? Because in recent years, before the release of the new iPhone every year, before the release of the new Samsung flagship, the industry will expose all the real phones and parameters in advance, leaving only one price. Especially Samsung will always have such a thing every year.

Samsung S22 Ultra real machine leaked in advance, Lu Taiwen angered three employees

On the evening of November 5th, overseas news experts released the real image of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is basically the same as the previously rumored rendering. It is completely the style of the previous Samsung Note series, which is more business-oriented. It is said that the leak of the real phone is very serious, and Samsung has fired three employees.

It is understood that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra uses a centered perforated screen, and the screen resolution reaches 2K level, the screen quality is the highest in history, specific black technology has not yet been exposed. From this point of view, it can be seen that the curvature is large, but the curved surface is small. The purpose of the Display is still the platform. The curvature is not displayed on the content, but only exists for the appearance, so that the design can completely ignore the problem of accidental touch. .

The Samsung S22 Ultra really has a built-in stylus. If it is not confirmed by the industry that Samsung has cut off the Note series, everyone would think that this is the next-generation Note model after seeing this picture. Because the S Pen is exclusive to the Samsung Note series, and it is also the symbol of the Samsung Note series. Now Samsung has popularized the S Pen to the S series and folding screen phones.

According to previous information, the Samsung S22 series is still three models. These three models have two versions, which are based on the latest processors of Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 and Samsung Orion. Among them, the standard version and the Plus version have the same design as the previous generation Samsung S21, and the biggest change is the S22 Ultra version that is now exposed.

There are still three months before the official release of the Samsung S22 series. The real machine was exposed so early, this time it is estimated that Lu Taiwen will be furious. After all, Samsung’s secrecy measures have been criticized in the industry in recent years.

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