Saab’s road of self-redemption in the cold winter has been launched, and all-out efforts have been made to promote intelligence

Borgward Motor’s pick-up man finally settled on the penultimate working day of 2018.

On December 28, Beijing Borgward Automobile and UCAR (838006) jointly announced that the two parties have concluded a comprehensive strategic partnership to jointly develop a new retail model for automobiles.

Baowo got the rightful ownership, and Xu Heyi, chairman of BAIC Group, finally had more energy and resources to achieve his own son, Sanova.

As an independent mid-to-high-end brand of BAIC, Senova has always received extensive attention in the industry. Just inheriting the Saab gene is enough to give it its own halo. In terms of timing, Senova started relatively early and took the right path. Roewe MG, which was born at the same time as Senova, has all been prosperous in recent years.

However, BAIC Senova, which was positioned at the mid-to-high end from the beginning, has regressed in prosperity.

The Senova brand, which was created by the acquisition of Saab Technology with a lot of money, has not developed as well as expected in recent years. The product technology is stagnant, the development strategy is swaying, the sales volume has fallen off a cliff, and the brand has even been marginalized by BAIC. The crisis encountered by Senova is unprecedented.

The road to self-salvation in the cold winter

However, Saab’s road to self-redemption has begun.

Senova gave its own answer: it reorganized the brand’s development strategy and injected new AI technology to fully promote intelligence.

Following the launch of its first SUV product, Zhixing, on December 21, BAIC Senova launched its first sedan product, Zhidao, and also called out the name of “National Mercedes-Benz C-Class” and marked it with “big-scale AI car” Tag of.


The weakness of sedans has always been a pain for the collective of independent brands. According to the data released by the Passenger Federation, from January to November this year, the cumulative sales volume of the new Lavida exceeded 420,000 units, ranking first, and only Geely Emgrand among the self-owned models ranked eighth with a cumulative sales volume of 220,000 units. Although the self-owned brand has great popularity in the SUV field, it has basically become an industry consensus that “only a strong car brand can be strong”. With the significant improvement in the strength of self-owned brands in car manufacturing, only self-owned brands like Geely that have always insisted on making cars can occupy a seat on the list.

Unlike making SUVs, sedans have a stronger test of brand power, and the dislocation competition of “B-class cars with A-class prices” is in danger, and the same is true of Senova Zhidao.

“We launched a new product at an unfortunate time, just in time for the market’s ‘cold winter’, and our own brand power was relatively weak, and we wanted to seek a breakthrough in the cooling auto market, so we adopted the ‘big fight against the small and high for the high’. Low’ this dimensionality reduction strategy.” said Wu Zhoutao, vice president of BAIC Motor and general manager of the sales company.

Although Changan Ruicheng CC and GAC Trumpchi GA6 also thought of participating in market competition in a similar way, the results did not seem to be satisfactory. Ruicheng CC sold only 28,300 units in November, and Trumpchi GA6 was only 1.28 units. 10,000 vehicles.

What should I do with Saab Zhidao? In addition to being backed by stronger product strength, a very competitive price was also offered: 79,900-122,900 yuan. And make the main automatic transmission entry model within 100,000. Wu Zhoutao said that Zhidao mainly focuses on the third- and fourth-tier markets. If there are two or three thousand vehicles a month, it is successful.

Aiming at the “MAX Family” Breakthrough

If you ask is this winter cold? Car sellers will tell you: cold! According to data from the China Passenger Car Association, the narrow passenger car market overall fell by 18% in November.

Now that the auto market is heading for a cold winter, the SUV fever has begun to subside, while the number of sedans is growing, giving Senova hope, but how should Zhidao stand out?

In the view of BAIC Senova, in this life-and-death struggle, only by grasping the “MAX family” can there be a future. “Wisdom wide and calm”, the concept of Wisdom also conveys the “big pattern” charm of its products.

So what is the “MAX family”? What kind of car do they need?

By scanning the main consumer groups of B-class sedans, it can be found that they pursue more spacious space, more comfortable experience, stricter quality, more reliable safety and more advanced intelligence when choosing a car. “Good” and “more” car buying concepts, Senova understands it as “MAX”. At the same time, they are open-minded and inclusive, have lofty aspirations, have a broader life pattern, richer spiritual pursuits and a more enterprising attitude towards life, so they are called the “MAX family”.

Now more and more new car releases will be labeled as “consumption upgrade”, which is one of the hottest terms recently. Thinking about the price of Apple mobile phones is 10,000 yuan, and the makeup boxes and lipsticks for girls are getting more and more complete, but “consumption upgrade” is not a simple price increase, but the real meaning of consumption structure upgrade and level improvement.

The “MAX family” defined by Senova pursues the concept of “better” and “more” car purchases, and has higher and higher requirements for appearance, quality, technology and high technology, and wants to have more comprehensive and special products. These coincide with the “consumption upgrade”. But it is not a simple thing to get them. From appearance to interior, from performance to cost performance, they must reach a certain level in order to satisfy their critical eyes.

As the first B-class sedan in the AI ​​era of BAIC Senova, Senova’s requirements for Zhidao are not only the performance of Saab, but also the riding experience of Mercedes-Benz, and it also needs to have a special understanding of you.

The core of Senova Zhidao is AI intelligent technology. TSR speed limit sign recognition system, 360° panoramic image, BSD blind spot monitoring, LDW lane departure warning and MOD moving object recognition, Senova Smart Road is readily available.

On the surface, the most conspicuous label that BAIC Senova puts on Zhidao is “AI”, but from the actual experience, Zhidao is the rebirth of BAIC Senova, from design to experience, to performance and other all-round progress .

However, for Saab, configuration alone is not enough.

“At present, the biggest challenge of Senova is the brand.” Wu Zhoutao said. If someone wants to remember Senova and Zhidao in the future, there is no other way but to insist on improving the product power to reverse the user’s reputation a little bit.

“The Senova 2.0 era has four distinctive features: first, AI, second, Saab control, third, Mercedes-Benz quality, and fourth, brand-new design.” Wu Zhoutao believes that BAIC Senova needs to achieve “qualitative change”.

In terms of comprehensive strength, Senova Zhidao has made significant progress compared with the past, but it was unlucky to meet the cold winter of the auto market. In the face of the cruel environment, the ultra-low price of 79,900 yuan not only shows that Senova is eager to enter the mainstream, but also shows the determination of BAIC people to fight against the odds.

From emphasizing the gene of Senova to the current Mercedes-Benz and AI empowerment, the development path of BAIC Senova has taken a bit of a roundabout way. This time, the slogan of “National Mercedes-Benz C” is just a foot in the road for Saab to merge into the main road from the ramp. However, the pace of change in the times is fast, and the future situation will only become more and more urgent. Time is running out.

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