Rohde & Schwarz supports wake-up signal testing to improve energy efficiency of NB-IoT devices

Rohde & Schwarz and Goodix (CommSolid) are the first to demonstrate comprehensive testing of the newly introduced NB-IoT wake-up signal, a feature added in 3GPP R15 to further reduce power consumption of NB-IoT devices. In NB-IoT long-term monitoring application scenarios, the wake-up signal can be used to achieve longer battery life without upgrading batteries, or reduce battery size while ensuring device life.

Test and measurement equipment specialist Rohde & Schwarz has teamed up with CommSolid, a cellular IoT company under Goodix, to demonstrate the effectiveness of the NB-IoT wake-up signal feature in 3GPP R15 in reducing power consumption of NB-IoT devices . The newly added test function on the R&S CMW290 functional wireless communication tester can show the power consumption difference of NB-IoT devices with and without wake-up signal technology.

Reducing the power consumption of NB-IoT devices is critical to extending the life of the device. The wake-up signal was introduced in 3GPP R15, which is a special paging signal sent by the NB-IoT base station to the dedicated NB-IoT device to notify the device to wake up the main receiver and prepare to receive paging data. The main receiver will only wake up when notified. NB-IoT devices that support wake-up signaling remain in idle mode until notified within a specific paging period to start decoding the physical downlink control channel.

The Rohde & Schwarz wireless communication tester is the only instrument that implements the new NB-IoT capabilities in 3GPP R14 and R15. In the latest firmware version, the R&S CMW500 and CMW290 have added support for wake-up signals, as well as other functions in version R15.

Matthias Weiss, General Manager of CommSolid, said: “Ultra-low power consumption is one of the key elements of NB-IoT applications. Testing new 3GPP capabilities early allows our customers to incorporate this advantage into the product design cycle.”

Anton Messmer, Vice President Wireless Communications Test at Rohde & Schwarz, added: “Rohde & Schwarz is committed to providing NB-IoT-related test and measurement capabilities that enable equipment manufacturers to deliver commercially viable products. We greatly appreciate the collaboration with early adopters to validate the effectiveness of the 3GPP-specific features we have implemented.”

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