National Technology won the “Best MCU of the Year” in the 2021 China IC Design Achievement Award

National Technology won the “Best MCU of the Year” in the 2021 China IC Design Achievement Award

Figure 1: The Best MCU Awards Ceremony of the Year (Photo courtesy of the company, the same below)

On March 18, the 2021 China IC Design Achievement Award Ceremony and China IC Leaders Summit were held in Shanghai. As an innovative embedded SOC chip and solution provider, National Technology won the 2021 China IC Design Achievement Award for the best MCU of the year with its leading N32G/N32L series of general-purpose secure MCU chips!

Figure 2: The Best MCU Awards Trophy of the Year

In the same period of the summit, ASPENCORE also released the “China IC Design 100 Ranking List”, showing the 100 best Chinese IC design companies to the industry. The companies on the list are divided into 10 categories, and the Top 10 companies are selected from about 30 companies in each category, and finally the “Top 100 Chinese IC Design Rankings” are formed.

Held by ASPENCORE, the China IC Design Achievement Award is one of the most important technical awards in China’s semiconductor industry. The best companies, groups, and outstanding individuals also recognize their efforts in assisting engineers in developing Electronic system products and their outstanding contributions to promoting and leading China’s IC design industry.

The award-winning N32G/N32L series of general-purpose security MCU chips are based on the national technology security SOC technology architecture, using 32-bit ARM Cortex-M core, featuring high reliability and low power consumption power management, integrated digital-analog hybrid circuit, and built-in multiple passwords The algorithm hardware acceleration engine and security unit form a series of general security MCU products featuring security, high performance, high integration, low power consumption, low cost, and ease of use. The N32G/N32L series can provide a variety of adaptable models for different usage scenarios, covering industrial control, motor control, smart meters, smart home appliances, healthcare, consumer electronics, battery and energy management, biometrics, communications, robotics, automotive A wide range of applications such as electronics.

Innovative technical features and application advantages of N32G/N32L series products:

1. Innovatively launched the MCU security mechanism, with the help of the leading advantages in the security field, it supports a variety of security technologies embedded in the MCU, and the technology leads the wide application of the Internet of Things:

– MCU technology application innovation with security functions: support for a variety of security functional units, support for secure boot, multi-user partition management, secure storage, multiple high-speed encryption and decryption algorithms, system real-time security detection, etc. Provide security for the stable operation of the system, and provide basic capability support for data storage and transmission.

– Supports multiple security encryption and decryption algorithms: the first to support national/international dual-encryption algorithms. Compared with traditional software algorithms, the performance is improved by more than 10 times, the system resource consumption is reduced by more than 5 times, and faster hardware acceleration is achieved.

– High performance: Under the same main frequency, it has excellent instruction processing capability, which can realize instruction fetch and execution without waiting, and the system runs faster.

– High integration: It integrates a variety of analog peripherals, power management circuits, digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital circuits, and has the advantage of lower solution BOM cost.

2.Industry-leading high-performance MCU low-power technology

—For the high-performance MCU field, the multi-power domain technology and dynamic voltage adjustment technology are used in the process to achieve extremely low leakage, achieving an excellent balance between power consumption and performance, with standby power consumption as low as 1uW and dynamic power consumption as low as 60uA/MHz .

– Microsecond-level startup and fast transition of power modes, with faster MCU response processing capabilities.

3. The integration degree on a single chip has reached the best balance, and the technical solutions such as the single-chip non-magnetic smart meter solution, the 6-in-1 single-chip security smart door lock solution, and the multi-motor FOC control solution based on the N32G/N32L series MCU are leading the industry. sex.

The N32G/N32L series of general-purpose security MCU products have now released more than 70 mass-produced models, which have been recognized by important customers and mass-produced in many industries. At the same time, more models are being developed one after another, aiming to cover all directions and a full range of applications, providing complete solutions and service support for the industry and customers.

About National Technology

National Technology was established in 2000 from the national “909” integrated circuit special project, and was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market in 2010 (stock code: 300077). It is a leading enterprise in China’s information security IC design field, a national high-tech enterprise, and has the first domestic enterprise Independent security chip attack and defense technology laboratory, postdoctoral research workstation. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi’an, Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles and other places. The main products include: security chips, general security MCUs, trusted computing chips, smart card chips, contactless read-write chips, Bluetooth chips, RCC innovative products, etc., which are widely used in network security certification, electronic banking, electronic licenses, mobile payment and Mobile security, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, Internet of Vehicles, consumer electronics, smart home appliances, smart meters and other application directions.

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