Molex and Mouser jointly launch the RF Connector Content Center to introduce the application of RF connectors in smart agriculture and other fields

【Introduction】September 15, 2022 – Mouser Electronics, an authorized global distributor of semiconductor and Electronic components focused on introducing new products, announced a partnership with Molex to launch a new content center that provides an in-depth look at the capabilities, challenges and Potential for change. This content center offers more than a dozen rich resources on RF technologies, including podcasts, white papers, blog posts, product guides, and more. Each item links directly to the Molex product page on Mouser’s website, making it easy for users to find the tools they need for their designs.

Molex and Mouser jointly launch the RF Connector Content Center to introduce the application of RF connectors in smart agriculture and other fields

Molex and Mouser’s new RF Connector Content Center offers a new podcast, “The Power of Smart Agriculture & the Role of RF Technology.” Set against the backdrop of the importance of agriculture to society, the show presents the role of technological development in it. The show also features a technical conversation between Darren Schauer, RF and Microwave Product Manager at Molex, and David Pike, Director of Content at Connector Geek. Two subject-matter experts presented the potential of RF connectors in smart agriculture, including dramatically expanding information and data through networked machinery and sensors.

A blog post by Roger Kaufmann, senior director of product management and marketing at Molex, “Cracking the Rural Access Nut: Is 5G the Answer?” Bring reliable connectivity to out-of-service rural areas. This blog post links to the Molex 5G technology page, which features products such as flex-to-board RF connectors, Ethernet transceivers, and cellular external antennas. This RF Connector Content Center also features the Smart Ag White Paper, which analyzes new applications for smart agriculture and the technological advancements that enable these applications. The white paper also explores a range of related topics, including precision agriculture, vision and sensor technologies, and smart greenhouse applications.

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