MLX90132: Automotive NFC-RFID Wireless Access Control Solution

Melexis’ MLX90132 is a 13.56MHz fully integrated multi-protocol NFC/RFID transceiver that can handle sub-carrier frequencies from 106kHz to 848kHz, up to 848kbps. The dual driver architecture reduces the number of external components and can provide up to 70mW to a suitable antenna load. RF power. The device is compatible with ISO/IEC 18092 (NFC), ISO/IEC 14443 A1 and B2, ISO/IEC 15693 and ISO/IEC 18000-3 Mode 1, mainly used in car access and start, car immobilizer, car diagnostics and automotive lease.

The MLX90132 is a 13.56MHz, fully integrated, multi-protocol RFID/NFC receiver IC. It is designed to handle sub-carrier frequencies from 106kHz to 848 kHz and up to 848kbits/s.

The MLX90132 dual driver architecture requires only a minimal number of external support components and allows the transmitter to deliver up to 70mW of RF power for appropriate antenna loading. The transmitted power is suitable for most short to medium range applications.

MLX90132: Automotive NFC-RFID Wireless Access Control Solution
Figure 1 Simplified block diagram of MLX90132

Figure 2 MLX90132 typical application circuit

Figure 3 MLX90132 external antenna network

The MLX90132 embeds tag emulation to support NFC. Enhanced tag and domain detection capabilities enable significant power savings in RFID reader configuration and NFC mode.

Using high-level bit and frame decoding capabilities, the digital part of the MLX90132 can handle low-level protocol layers from API to physical layer.

It includes a digital demodulator with subcarrier detection and programmable bit/signal encoder/decoder. It is also for start and stop bits, extra guarantee time (EGT), start and stop of frames (SOF/EOF) and CRC.

Its 256-byte buffer buffer allows buffering of the entire RFID frame. The SPI/UART communication port ensures easy interfacing with major microcontrollers, especially those with low cost.

Figure 4 MLX90130/32 antenna circuit block diagram

Main features of MLX90132

• Compliant with ISO/IEC 18092 (NFC) requirements

• Complies with ISO/IEC 14443 A1 and B2 requirements

• Complies with ISO/IEC 15693 requirements

• Complies with ISO/IEC 18000-3 Mode 1 requirements

• Standard SPI interface with 256-byte buffer

• High-speed communication (848kbits/s)

• Embedded RF domain and TAG detector

MLX90132 application

• Car access and start

• Personalization of the car

• Car diagnostics

•Car rental

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