Lanzhou has achieved full coverage of the mobile 5G network in urban areas, and we have ushered in a world where everything is connected

With the large-scale development of Lanzhou Mobile’s commercial use, Lanzhou has now opened a site, and we have ushered in a world where everything is connected, which will empower various vertical industries, and our way of life will also undergo great changes.

The Internet of Everything, the future has come, the technological advantages of high bandwidth and low latency, the network will enter the world of the Internet of Everything, what changes will it bring to our lives? Ultra HD video conferencing

Ultra-HD video conferencing, so that the connection can be seen, as if you were on the scene. Under the network, through ultra-high-definition video conferencing, people can communicate face-to-face, face-to-face, without barriers. AR/VR panoramic live broadcast

The advent of the era has made high-definition, high-bit-rate panoramic live broadcast possible. The network can achieve an uplink single user experience rate of more than Mbps, and air interface delay of s, making VR live broadcast smoother, clearer, and better user experience.Distance Learning

The introduction of video learning will subvert traditional education methods. In the future, video learning will be possible anytime, anywhere, so that learning no longer requires classroom-based systems. The way of online learning also provides better convenience for rural students and makes education more equitable.telemedicine

The ultra-low-latency ultra-fast network environment enables face-to-face conversations with doctors. Telemedicine can alleviate the imbalance in the allocation of medical resources, realize the linkage of medical care, medicine, and medical insurance, improve the quality of medical care, reduce medical costs, and change the difficulty of seeing a doctor.

The Internet of Everything, the future has come, the technological advantages of high bandwidth and low latency will not only change our lives, but also actively promote the upgrading and development of all walks of life. Lanzhou Mobile actively focuses on the central urban area, Lanzhou New District and Yuzhong Ecological Innovation City to fully implement the network layout. The central urban area has achieved continuous coverage. The city’s party, government and military organs, transportation hubs, schools, hospitals, hotels, large residential areas, business circles, Important scenes such as scenic spots have reached the standard of the boutique network.The new district and Yuzhong have achieved comprehensive coverage of county towns and colleges and universities, in-depth coverage of some important scenes, and key coverage of some vertical industry areas

In order to accelerate the development of Lanzhou’s industry, promote the application of vertical industry scenarios, and incubate a large number of outstanding characteristic applications for key industries, we have opened room-based base stations in key areas such as medical care, party, government, military, industry, and commerce to ensure network quality in key industries.

After the opening of the network site, the Group assessed the proportion of high-quality grids in Lanzhou, and ranked the comprehensive coverage rate among provincial capitals across the country. The SA cut access network was completed, and SA sites were added to the network in batches to lay the foundation for subsequent business development. Relying on its advantages in + application, network technology, information services, etc., it will continue to focus on creating benchmarking business scenarios and application cases for key industries such as industry, energy, transportation, medical care, education, and finance, and promote in-depth cooperation with key areas and key links. Fusion and application.Relevant signs are posted in the area covered by the network to promote network coverage

construction process.

It is believed that in the near future, China Mobile’s network will fully cover the entire Lanzhou.

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