Interpretation of 5G 2B Big Action: Let 5G Smart Coal Mine “From 0 to N”

When it comes to Shanxi, many people think of coal. Shanxi is the capital of coal, and its coal output accounts for about a quarter of the country. In the recent past, Shanxi has done two major things that have attracted great attention from the energy industry and the ICT sector.

On June 18th, China Mobile and more than 70 units including Tsinghua University, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), Yangmei Group, China Coal Science and Industry, and Huawei established the “5G Smart Mine Alliance” The coal mine officially completed the country’s first 5G coal mine.

Interpretation of 5G 2B Big Action: Let 5G Smart Coal Mine “From 0 to N”

We found that this release has received strong support from the government, China Mobile and other industries. The alliance will further unleash the role of 5G empowering the digital, networked, and intelligent transformation of traditional industries, and further help the mining sector to achieve mechanized substitution and automation to reduce personnel. The completion of the first 5G coal mine is considered to be a 0 to 1 breakthrough.

Everyone is wondering, the coal industry has explored a lot of 5G technology, why the establishment of this alliance and the completion of the coal mine’s 5G private network have attracted so much attention? What value does 5G coal mine bring to coal mining enterprises and even the coal industry? Is the 5G 2B era really coming?

Action one:

Forging alliances to lay the foundation for the 5G mine “fire prairie”

The realization of 5G coal mines is not easy and requires joint efforts from many parties. The “5G Smart Mining Alliance” can be successfully established in Shanxi, attracting multiple coal companies to join. The author believes that it is because of four major factors.

From the perspective of national policy, in March this year, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration and other eight departments jointly issued the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Intelligent Coal Mines”, fully launching the new infrastructure of the coal industry, and further clearly emphasizing the use of 5G in the mining industry. With the advancement of new-generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G’s three major characteristics are large bandwidth, low latency, and wide connectivity, which can further help the transformation and upgrading of the mining industry.

Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile, made it clear that the establishment of the 5G Smart Mine Alliance is a concrete measure to implement the important speech of General Secretary Jinping and the spirit of the two sessions of the country. “The active practice of the task will further release the role of 5G in empowering the digital, networked, and intelligent transformation of traditional industries, and provide a strong guarantee for the construction of safe, efficient, and green smart mines.

From an industry perspective, the coal industry has many challenges and requires new technologies to accelerate intelligence and solve pain points. Lu Nan, deputy director of the Industry Safety Management Department of the State Coal Supervision Bureau, said that as a traditional energy industry, the coal industry has the characteristics of multiple links, long battle lines, complex production systems, and difficult management.

“However, the coal industry also has a huge space for the application of intelligence, and its development prospects are broad. Vigorously promote the construction of coal mine intelligence and carry out the research and development of coal mine robots. It can give full play to the important supporting role of new technologies, new equipment, and new processes in safe production. Significantly reducing the number of workers in complex and high-risk positions is an important means to promote no one and few people.”

Therefore, Lu Nan said that 5G has huge advantages in peak speed, mobility, and network capabilities. It can effectively improve the control level of application scenarios such as intelligent mining and intelligent tunneling, as well as the reliability and maintainability of monitoring data transmission, which can comprehensively promote mines. The development of industry informatization, automation and intelligence.

From the perspective of Shanxi Province, Shanxi is the first national resource-based economic transformation and comprehensive reform pilot zone. It has a solid industrial foundation and resources in deepening energy supply-side structural reforms, building a clean and low-carbon energy use model, and promoting energy technology innovation. Advantage.

For a long time, the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government has comprehensively promoted the development of 5G+ industrial applications and coal mine intelligence, and has been at the forefront of the country. Yangquan Coal Group has vigorously promoted the construction of 5G+ intelligence, and has initially established a coal mine 5G network in a relatively short period of time, creating a 5G+ intelligent coal mine travel, which has achieved remarkable results and provided a demonstration of coal mine 5G construction throughout the country.

From the perspective of the communications industry, under the new infrastructure, 5G network construction presses the “accelerator key”, and 5G 2B commercial conditions are becoming mature. As a 5G leader, China Mobile officially stated that it insists on accelerating new infrastructure such as 5G as a major political task, fully implements the “5G+” plan, accelerates the in-depth integration of 5G application scenarios and industrial manufacturing and other real economies, and promotes the integration of 5G into all industries and services. The masses, accelerate the digitalization, networking and intelligent upgrading of traditional industries.

5G smart mines are the top priority of China Mobile. Prior to this, China Mobile actively built benchmark cases of smart mines in accordance with the expansion idea of ​​”open-air first, underground second”, and built four scenarios of “unmanned mining operation, unmanned mining, underground integration networking and high-definition video monitoring”. End delivery capabilities to form 5G smart mining solutions.

The author found that the mine cases of China Mobile were all open-air before, but this case of Shanxi Yangmei is the first underground commercial case.

Driven by a variety of factors, the “5G Smart Mine Alliance” was established. What will the alliance do next? It is reported that the alliance will take the vision of “5G empowering industry, cooperative ecology and win-win” as its vision, unite all forces to build a smart mine cooperation platform, accelerate breakthroughs in key core technologies, explore business models that can be replicated and promoted, and guide resource co-construction and sharing. Form complementary advantages to further promote the sustained and stable development of the industry.

It is worth mentioning that in the near future, China Mobile will also release a 5G smart mine starting a prairie fire plan. The establishment of China Mobile’s 5G Smart Mining Alliance will help to further gather industry forces, promote 5G smart mines across the country, and achieve a broader, deeper, and higher level of integration and innovation of 5G and the mining industry .

Action two:

Build 5G smart mines, creating multiple firsts in the country

The foundation for the establishment of this alliance is the completion of the first 5G smart coal mine. Looking back on this development process, as early as September 2019, China Mobile, Yangmei Group and Huawei signed a 5G strategic cooperation agreement.

After less than a year of exploration and practice, all parties have worked together to build the Yangmei Group’s Xinyuan Coal Mine into the country’s first 5G smart coal mine. “, realized that the nationwide 5G smart coal mine took the lead to “bloom and bear fruit” in Shanxi.

Where does the 5G smart coal mine lead this time? What outstanding value does it bring to coal mining enterprises? It is reported that the Xinyuan Coal Mine of Yangmei Group relies on the current domestic 5G network, the lowest underground 5G network-534 meters underground “super gigabit uplink” coal mine 5G private network, which has realized the intelligent management of coal mines and solved many pain points in the coal industry.

Figure: 5G Ultra Gigabit Uplink Solution

The author found out that, in terms of 5G network, China Mobile and Huawei have developed a full-chain underground dedicated communication equipment (miniature 5G base station Book RRU), obtained the country’s first 5G network equipment explosion-proof certification, and built a 5G dedicated 5G network in the Xinyuan Coal Mine of Yangmei Group The internet.

In terms of 5G applications, China Mobile, together with Yangmei Group and Huawei, launched three 5G applications: unmanned inspection of electromechanical chambers, unmanned operation of heading faces, and unmanned operation of fully mechanized mining faces, helping coal mines realize unmanned, automated, and Visualize operation.

First, the unmanned inspection application of electromechanical chambers is tailored to solve the problem of easy failure of electromechanical equipment in coal mine enterprises during long-term operation, reducing the labor intensity and risks of staff, and improving the quality and efficiency of inspections.

Second, the application of unmanned operation in the tunneling face solves the problems of high risk factor and high labor intensity in traditional manual operations. It can be remotely operated cutting and supporting operations, and realizes the remote safe and precise control of tunneling operations.

Thirdly, the application of unmanned operation in fully mechanized mining face solves the problems of large amount of cable maintenance and frequent lack of signals during the operation of underground equipment, and provides remote operators with panoramic high-definition operation vision, which effectively reduces the incidence of safety accidents in dangerous operation areas. , It also saves a lot of manpower and material resources.


Setting a benchmark for the coal industry and accelerating the implementation of 5G 2B

The successful deployment and application of 5G in underground coal mine operation scenarios marks a critical step in the construction of “5G+smart mines”, which has realized the intelligent transformation of the industry with new technologies and promoted the high-quality development of the coal industry.

Wang Guofa, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out: “The first step in the construction of 5G smart coal mines is of great significance. It enables us to see the direction, aim at the goal, and strengthen our confidence.” Yang Jie, China Mobile, said that the 5G wisdom Coal mines are of far-reaching significance for further promoting 5G’s integration into all industries and serving the public.

After the realization from 0 to 1, the next step is to replicate the experience of Yangmei Group to the whole province and the whole country from 1 to N. This depends on the alliance established this time.

In terms of alliances, this event has become the vane of the 5G industry alliance, leading the traditional coal industry to transform and upgrade to informatization, automation, and intelligence, and further help the mining sector to achieve mechanization and automation.

Based on this alliance, the industry has to do more work, such as building a 5G+ smart mine standard system to further promote the intelligent development of the coal industry.

In this regard, China Mobile stated that in the next step, under the guidance and support of the Ministry of Emergency Management, the State Coal Supervision Bureau, and the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, on the one hand, it will fully implement the “5G+” plan, give full play to the role of the 5G Smart Mine Alliance, and build resource sharing. , 5G new ecology of ecological symbiosis, mutual benefit and win-win, integrated development.

On the other hand, jointly promote the in-depth integration of industry, university, research and application, strive to quickly implement first-class technologies, high-quality resources, and innovative products and promote them on a large scale, and continuously promote the creation of new models, new business formats, and new scenarios for smart mining, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the mining industry, and promote the real 5G It has become the aorta of social information flow, an accelerator for industrial transformation and upgrading, and a new cornerstone for the construction of a digital society.

From the landing of 5G smart coal mines, coupled with the recent commercial landing of 5G medical, 5G smart ports, and smart manufacturing, we can clearly feel that 5G 2B is accelerating.

Shanxi Province believes that the development of the 5G 2B industry has a good foundation. In the future, Shanxi Province will regard the 5G industry as an important main direction for high-quality transformation and development. It will develop 5G+ smart mines, promote 5G+ smart cultural tourism, 5G+ smart cities, and 5G+ industrial Internet In the application of other scenarios, we will accelerate the creation of a pioneer area for 5G network construction, an industrial development cluster area, and an innovative application demonstration area.

In fact, all provinces, cities, and industries are showing enthusiasm for 5G, and companies in the telecommunications sector are obliged to do so. China Mobile plans to vigorously promote the development of 5G 2B this year. It will focus on building 100 group-level 5G leading demonstration projects and cultivate 1,000 provincial-level characteristic demonstration projects for 15 sub-sectors.

A new era of 5G 2B is coming, and the future of 5G can be expected.

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