Intel Atom Z530 and US15W Media Phone Reference Design

Intel’s Media Phone Reference Design using the Atom Z530 processor and US15W concentrator controller is a plug-and-play complete system including Intel® Atom processor Z630 baseboard, system controller Hub US15W, LCD with resistive touch screen, flash memory This article describes the main features of the Intel Atom Z5xx, the reference design block diagram, the main features, and the complete circuit diagram.

The Intel® Atom™ processor Z5xx series is built on a new 45-nanometer Hi-k low power micro-architecture and 45 nm process technology—the first generation of low-power IA-32 micro-architecture specially designed for the new class of Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). The Intel Atom processor Z5xx series supports the Intel® System Controller Hub (Intel® SCH), a single-chip component designed for low-power operation.

Intel Atom Z5xx main features:

The following list provides some of the key features on this processor:

• New single-core processor for mobile devices offering enhanced performance

• On die, primary 32-kB instructions cache and 24-kB write-back data cache

• 100-MHz and 133-MHz Source-Synchronous front side bus (FSB)

100 MHz: Intel Atom processors Z515, Z510, and Z500

133 MHz: Intel Atom processors Z560, Z550, Z540, Z530, and Z520.

• Supports Hyper-Threading Technology 2-threads

• On die 512-kB, 8-way L2 cache

• Support for IA 32-bit architecture

• Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT)

• Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 and 3 (Intel® SSE2 and Intel® SSE3) and Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSSE3) support

• Supports new CMOS FSB signaling for reduced power

• Micro-FCBGA8 packaging technologies

• Thermal management support using TM1 and TM2

• On die Digital Thermal Sensor (DTS) for thermal management support using Thermal Monitor (TM1 and TM2)

• FSB Lane Reversal for flexible routing

• Supports C0/C1(e)/C2(e)/C4(e) power states

• Intel Deep Power Down Technology (C6)

• L2 Dynamic Cache Sizing

• Advanced power management features including Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology

Execute Disable Bit support for enhanced security

• Intel® Burst Performance Technology (Intel® BPT) (Intel Atom processor Z515 only)

Based on Atom Z530 and US15W Media Phone Reference Design

Media Phone Reference Design Based on the Intel® Atom™ Processor

A complete out-of-the-box plug and play design system, with quick start and detailed user guide, to help minimize time-to-market. The kit includes an Intel® Atom™ Processor Z530 based board, Intel® System Controller Hub US15W, LCD with resistive touch screen, software preloaded on compact flash, and an assigned extension for each phone with an established IP-PBX connection.

1) Enables use of PC-developed Internet applications, performs hardware-based video decode

2) Simplifies operation and user selection of IP services and voice functions

3) Software-based hands-free calling, multiple voice/speech codecs, G.711, G.729, G.722

4) Missed call/voicemail notification, tone- dual-tone multi frequency generation/detection, and more

Figure 1. Block diagram of the reference design based on the Atom Z530 and US15W media phone
Reference design main indicators:

Figure 2. Intel Media Phone Reference Design Outline Drawing (Top Side)

Figure 3. Intel Media Phone Reference Design Outline Drawing (Bottom)

For the circuit diagram of the media phone reference design, see:
Media mobile reference design circuit diagram.pdf

For details, see:

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