Industrial safety has become an issue that cannot be ignored by major companies

With the continuous change of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, 5G and artificial intelligence, the digital transformation of enterprises is in full swing. The industrial field is one of the pillar industries in my country, and with the rapid development of the industrial Internet, digital transformation has become the key to the high-quality development of the chemical industry, and a necessary condition for enterprises to “turn into a butterfly”.

At present, the security situation facing the industrial field is still very severe and complex. From the perspective of the general trend of industrial digital transformation, the new normal of new crown epidemic prevention and control, and the special attribute of high value of industrial data, the global industrial information security threat upgrade is mainly It is reflected in three aspects.

First, under the general trend of industrial digital transformation, attack paths have increased significantly. Industrial digital transformation gives full play to the empowering and leading role of digital technology in the development of industrial industries, and helps industrial industries achieve quality, efficiency, and power changes, which is of great significance for achieving high-quality development of the industrial economy. At present, the promotion of industrial digital transformation has become the general consensus and common choice of global industrial powers. However, with the deep integration and application of a new generation of information technology in the industrial field, the general trend of industrial digital transformation promotes the “cloud” and “platform” of industrial equipment, and the risk exposure is significantly expanded. The attack path of the process has also increased significantly, and the threat of industrial information security has intensified.

Second, under the background of normalized prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, the impact of attacks is more extensive. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, new business forms and models such as telecommuting and “cloud” meetings have been rapidly popularized. The business systems of industrial enterprises have been further opened to the Internet. A large number of terminal access devices and systems have introduced great security risks. Traditional border security systems are difficult to achieve. To meet the needs of remote office, industrial information security threats are intensified. The current global epidemic situation is still unstable. Attacks such as social engineering and advanced persistent threats are emerging one after another, jeopardizing the safe production and stable operation of energy, power, manufacturing and other industries. Cyber ​​attacks have further penetrated into the real world. It directly affects the allocation of medical resources, delays patient treatment, and seriously threatens the life safety of patients.

Third, industrial data has become a key attack target, and the attack threshold has continued to decrease. Industrial data is a key production factor to enhance industrial productivity, competitiveness, and innovation. Once an industrial enterprise encounters a data security incident, it may lead to the disclosure of trade secrets, production interruption, and even threats to national security. The high-value attributes and low-protection characteristics of industrial data make it a key target of ransomware attacks. Since the beginning of this year, ransomware attacks against the industrial field have also shown the dominant role of the ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) model, which boosts the threshold for ransomware attacks to be lower, the probability of success is higher, and the security threat is greatly increased.

The current market is undergoing unprecedented historic changes. Policy-driven represented by new infrastructure & digital transformation, carbon peaking, carbon neutrality, compliance (class protection, customs protection) & safe production, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, 5G, artificial intelligence, etc. The representative technical drive, the domestic demand drive of enterprise development represented by transformation and upgrading, cost reduction and efficiency increase, the triple drive has formed a resonance and synergy in this historical opportunity period. As the carrier and means of the national manufacturing transformation and upgrading strategy, the Industrial Internet is giving birth to a large number of new scenarios and opportunities in the market. The Industrial Internet brings all elements of productivity, full links, and full integration, and realizes the reengineering of the entire production process and value through the Industrial Internet. While the Industrial Internet brings new scenarios and new opportunities, it also puts forward higher requirements for security.

Data shows that 41% of ransomware attacks in 2020 were directed at OT (Operational Technology, referred to as “OT”); during the new crown pneumonia pandemic, Internet of Things (“IoT”) attacks soared by 700 %, a 100% increase in infected IoT devices.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Guidelines for the Construction and Promotion of Industrial Internet Networks” in January 2019, proposing to accelerate the cultivation of new network technologies, new products, new models, and new business formats, and to support the construction of a strong manufacturing country and a strong Internet country; July 2019 , the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other ten ministries and commissions issued the “Guiding Opinions on Strengthening Industrial Internet Security Work”, requiring the basic construction of an industrial Internet security guarantee system by 2025 to provide practical guidelines for the development of industrial Internet security work; And the Ministry of Information Technology issued the “Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Promoting the Accelerated Development of the Industrial Internet”, pointing out that it is necessary to “speed up and improve the security system”, and proposed “establishing a hierarchical enterprise security management system” and “improving security technology monitoring”. System”, “improving the safety work mechanism” and “strengthening the innovation of safety technology products”.

To ensure the security of enterprise data, first of all, there must be a front-end thinking in the vertical direction. From the beginning of the system’s birth, it has a scientific “health concept”, and it provides security guarantees for the “brain” at the first time of its birth. This guarantee lasts forever, along with the entire process of the operation of the entire industrial Internet system, to achieve security protection A management and service platform with functions such as planning and deployment, security monitoring perception and analysis, security response and disposal recovery, and ecological delivery, to deal with possible risks at any time. At the same time, horizontally, there must be an overall thinking. It is necessary to provide security for the “brain”, and also to deal with the security risks of networks, data, terminals, and even people, to ensure the security of various components and elements in the entire system, and to avoid the spread of risks between them.

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