Honeywell Smart Home System Solutions

Honeywell with a history of more than 120 years is the world leader in automation control technology. Honeywell has launched smart home solutions since the 1980s, and has successively launched highly integrated community-scale smart home systems, home gateways, video intercom systems, and wireless lighting control systems. Newell’s smart home products, in other regions of Asia Pacific, our integrated smart home solutions have also created many successful cases, including China’s first and largest top-level smart community Shenzhen Mangrove West Bank, North China’s first fully integrated smart home Tianjin Seton Center, East China’s first high-integration smart residence Hangzhou Dongfang Runyuan and Old Town Commercial Island in Dubai, Middle East, our video intercom system is also being widely adopted… In fact, there are more than 100 million households and 500 Honeywell’s building and residential products and technologies are used in more than 10,000 large buildings.

1. Smart Housing

With the improvement of the national economy and the level of science and technology, especially the rapid development and improvement of computer technology, communication technology, network technology, control technology and information technology, it has promoted the modernization of family life, the comfort of clothing, food, housing and transportation, and the safety of living environment. . These high technologies have affected all aspects of people’s lives, changing people’s living habits and improving people’s quality of life. The ultimate goal and direction of human technology development is to serve the needs of life, and intelligent housing is precisely in this situation. born.

Smart house is to connect all kinds of information-related communication equipment, household appliances, environmental adjustment equipment and home security devices in the family to a home intelligent system through wired or wireless network for centralized monitoring and intelligent control. Support remote monitoring, realize information-based family affairs management, and maintain harmony and coordination between these household facilities and the residential environment.

2. System introduction

Honeywell HRIS-1000 system is a fully digital smart home platform based on TCP/IP protocol and Ethernet network platform. On this platform, a wealth of living environment control and security functions are integrated, and various functions are coordinated and integrated organically. The home gateway is the center of indoor control and network protocol conversion. The home gateway is used to communicate all possible equipment information to realize automatic environmental control, local centralized monitoring, and network remote monitoring. A futuristic smart house and smart community space can be easily built on this platform with sufficient software and hardware redundancy.

The functions covered by the Honeywell Smart Home Ethernet System include the following:

1. Indoor security: fire prevention, anti-theft, emergency call, gas leak detection; setting of security modes such as leaving home state, home state, and sleep state or setting of security scene.

2. Lighting control: local remote control and remote switch control.

3. Curtain control: local remote control and remote switch control.

4. Scene control: light switch dimming control and curtain switch control. Combination control is also possible.

5. Air conditioning control

6. Floor heating control

7. Remote monitoring: support remote monitoring and control of Internet, WAP, telephone, etc.

3. System function

Honeywell HRIS-1000 system is completely based on TCP/IP protocol and Ethernet platform, and all audio, video, control, monitoring, status and other information are all digitally transmitted. The home intelligent host is connected to the local area network through the RJ-45 interface and becomes an ordinary node on the Ethernet, which is then routed to the Internet, and the network becomes the channel for all information flows. The indoor home gateway integrates all auxiliary equipment into a system, supports multi-system and multi-protocol access, and becomes the basic equipment for local centralized control and WAP/WEB and telephone remote control.

Honeywell HS multi-level monitoring system ensures safe living spaces

The home network extends the monitoring tentacles to every corner of the home to ensure a safe living space: illegal intrusion detection, fire detection, gas monitoring, automatic closing of the gas valve after gas leakage, dual-slave transmission of alarm information (all the way to the community’s Security center, another way to the owner of the phone), to avoid the occurrence of serious disasters; emergency alarm system to create a multi-layered prevention environment;

Honeywell HS home automation technology creates comfortable living spaces

Wireless web browser allows you to exchange information with your home network, cell network from every location in your home

Freely adjust lighting, control curtain opening and closing, scene control, home appliance control, air conditioning control, floor heating control; ?

Honeywell HS Network Provides Convenient Information Living Space

Through Internet/intranet and WAP or ordinary telephone, you can remotely monitor and control the lights, curtains, arm and disarm, and adjust the temperature remotely;

2. Light curtain control function:

1. Lighting, curtain switch and scene control;

2. The system can also be connected to Honeywell’s RS-485 bus-type lighting control system.

3. The system also supports bus lighting control system.

4. Through the family map attached to the system, we can easily click the device switch at the corresponding location and turn on various scenes.

3. Floor heating controls:

1. The owner can remotely adjust and set the temperature of the home in advance; in the cold winter, the user can have a warm and comfortable living environment as soon as he returns home, which is convenient and energy-saving.

2. The system can also turn on the geothermal system regularly as needed, and work according to the pre-set temperature.

4. Air Conditioning Control:

1. The owner can remotely adjust and set the temperature of the home in advance; in the hot summer, the user can have a cool and comfortable living environment as soon as he returns home, which is convenient and energy-saving.

2. The system can also adjust the fan speed of each room to achieve the air volume you want.

3. The system can also turn on the central air-conditioning system regularly as needed, and work according to the preset temperature.

5. Network video surveillance

Honeywell Home Network Video Surveillance System HVSS‐1000 can perform remote real-time monitoring, remote video query playback and PTZ control through network technology. Using advanced 3G technology, you can view the real-time picture of your home and understand the situation at home when you use your mobile phone outside.

Honeywell’s home network video surveillance system HVSS‐1000 uses Honeywell’s excellent signal processing technology and can support analog/digital/HD signal outputs. The picture is clear, with two modes of day and night, and wide dynamic technology, which can monitor indoor and outdoor around the clock, and automatically adjust according to different light sources to ensure a clear picture.

With the HVSS-1000 system, users can take care of and care for those in need at home while away from home.

For the care of children at home, first-time parents miss baby BABY very much during working hours. Video surveillance can check baby BABY’s face at any time to confirm whether baby BABY is well cared for and whether there is any abnormality. In special circumstances, if the child is not accompanied by an adult and is playing alone at home, you can access the monitoring device through the mobile phone at any time to confirm whether the child has any accident, and eliminate unnecessary worries. Before the adult returns home, the child has gone home early from school. Confirm whether the child has eaten on time, whether he is doing homework, or practicing the piano, and whether his schedule is normal, so as to help you communicate and manage your child’s daily life;

For the care of pets (dogs, cats, etc.) or flowers and plants in the house, through the camera in front of the room, you can check whether the pets are quietly lying in the nest, or playing in the garden, and whether there is enough water and food. Arrange family members or security guards to help with management. You can see whether the flowers and plants in front of the door are in good condition, whether there is anyone destroying the lawn and flowers of your own house, and before the weather becomes bad, confirm whether the protection has been done. Care for the elderly or patients at home For those who often go home, they can always confirm whether the daily life of the elderly and the sick is normal, and whether there is an accident when the owner is away from home for a long time, and there may only be servants, security guards or nanny in the home. The screen can guide the work of the staff at home.

The video surveillance system can also be connected to an alarm, when an intruder breaks in, it can alarm in time.

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