Great, Russia has launched a new radar to detect hypersonic weapons targets

What is a hypersonic weapon?

Hypersonic weapons refer to weapons that are based on hypersonic flight technology and fly at a speed of more than 6 times the speed of sound.

Hypersonic weapons have the advantages of long range, fast speed, simple structure, excellent performance, and can quickly strike long-range targets. They are called the third revolutionary achievement in aviation history after propellers and jet propulsion by military experts.

As early as 2011, the U.S. military conducted experiments on hypersonic weapons. According to the U.S. military, hypersonic weapons can hit targets anywhere in the world within 30 minutes of launch if they are launched on U.S. soil.

Countries are developing hypersonic weapons

In view of the fast and long-range strike capabilities of hypersonic weapons, various military powers have launched research and development.

The United States has conducted numerous hypersonic weapons experiments, and has allocated substantial funding for hypersonic weapons development, which will reach $3.2 billion in 2021. In March, Japan’s Ministry of Defense announced plans to develop two types of hypersonic weapons, the HCM cruise missile and the HVGP glider, and similar work is underway in France and Germany.

Of course, Russia, a powerhouse of weapons, is no exception. Russia’s development in the field of hypersonic weapons can be described as rapid progress. Among them, the most representative is the first to install the “Dagger” air-launched hypersonic missile and the “Pioneer” hypersonic strategic intercontinental missile, thus becoming the first country in the world to officially equip hypersonic weapons. Russia not only invests in the development of hypersonic weapons, but also invests in the development of radar equipment to counter hypersonic weapons. Not only to be able to get out, but also to be able to defend.

Russia’s new radar is designed to capture hypersonic weapons targets

Recently, Rosoboronexport announced that it will launch the 59N6-TE mobile radar capable of detecting hypersonic targets to the international market.

The 59N6-TE radar works in the decimeter wave range and can detect flying targets at a distance of 450 kilometers, an altitude of 200 kilometers, and a speed of 8,000 kilometers per hour, including hypersonic missiles, stealth fighters and ballistic missiles. The radar is currently in service with the Russian army and is considered one of the best in the world in terms of detection range and accuracy.

The 59N6-TE radar not only has a very high resolution, but also can work normally in a strong Electronic warfare jamming environment. It has the ability to detect and track air targets automatically and semi-automatically, and can track more than 1000 targets simultaneously. It can either be mounted on a truck for motorized operation or remotely operated.

It is understood that the 59N6-TE radar was developed by the Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Radio Engineering. The institute is affiliated with the well-known “Almaz-Antey” company, known for the production of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system.

As countries have developed hypersonic weapons and put them into use, the existing defense systems are far from enough. Russian military experts pointed out that in this case, countries need to consider how to defend such hypersonic weapons and equipment that can break through the existing anti-missile system, and the 59N6-TE radar is the best choice.

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