Grabbing the order, Microconductive Nano will deliver ALD mass production equipment

Jiangsu Microconductive Nano Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Microconductive Nano”) official news shows that it has won the first order from an advanced semiconductor chip manufacturing company, and will soon deliver the first atomic layer deposition (ALD) for advanced technology nodes. ) mass production equipment.

According to Microconductive Nano, the product focuses on the global IC manufacturing market, providing key process technologies and solutions for the manufacture of logic, storage and other ultra-large integrated circuits. Especially in the domestic cutting-edge semiconductor chip manufacturing, the product technology can cover the high dielectric constant gate oxide layer ALD process requirements necessary for technology nodes below 45 nanometers to 5 nanometers, filling the gap of no domestic equipment in this field.

According to official news, in 2020, the Phoenix series ALD thin film deposition system independently developed by Microconductive Nano has successfully achieved mass production, which is dedicated to various ALD thin film deposition processes required for the manufacture of advanced very large integrated circuits (VLSI). Microconductive Nano pointed out that this product has a strong material selection function, which can provide various process functions including HfO2, ZrO2, Al2O3, SiO2, Ta2O5, TiO2, La2O3, ZnO, TiN, and AlN.

Dr. Li Weiming, vice chairman and chief technology officer of Microconductive Nano, said that he expects the first ALD equipment to be successfully introduced into mass production at the fastest speed in the customer’s production line, and from this as a starting point to establish advanced process development and manufacturing capabilities with customers. Microconductive Nano will also launch a series of ALD technologies and equipment in the semiconductor field for logic, storage, special process, compound semiconductor and other chip manufacturing.

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