Gongfu Jiangxi Unicom Future 2021 Jiangxi Internet Conference Industrial Internet Sub-forum was successfully held

“Working Fu Jiangxi Unicom Future”, on the afternoon of December 8, the 2021 (7th) Jiangxi Provincial Internet Conference “Industrial Internet” sub-forum was held in Nanchang. Yuan Jiayi, Chairman of the Jiangxi Internet Association, Li Hongwu, Dean of the Research Institute of China Unicom (3.950, 0.01, 0.25%), government management departments, industry experts, and industrial enterprise representatives were invited to attend the meeting. Li Haoyu, deputy general manager of Jiangxi Unicom, attended and delivered a speech .

Gongfu Jiangxi Unicom Future 2021 Jiangxi Internet Conference Industrial Internet Sub-forum was successfully held

Li Haoyu pointed out in his speech that in recent years, Jiangxi Unicom has continued to build a “high-end think tank” for China Unicom (Jiangxi) Industrial Internet Research Institute, speeding up the construction of new generation information infrastructure such as narrowband Internet of Things and 5G, and actively exploring the transformation path and development of enterprise industrial Internet Mode, promote the in-depth integration of a new generation of digital technology and manufacturing, continue to build the “first brand” and “industry pioneer” of Jiangxi Industrial Internet, build a national complete industrial Internet logo analysis system in Jiangxi, and build Longnan Junya and Xinyuhan A large number of “5G smart factories” and “digital factories” such as Germany, have fully assisted the strategy of Jiangxi’s industrial province.

At the forum, Li Hongwu delivered a keynote report on “5G + Industrial Internet” Helping Industrial Transformation and Upgrading through a video connection, in-depth analysis of China Unicom’s advantages and effects in strengthening the position of the enterprise’s innovation main body and the application of innovative products. In recent years, China Unicom has continuously sought breakthroughs in the field of 5G + Industrial Internet, using cutting-edge technologies such as 5G edge cloud and slicing to accelerate innovation with industrial integration, cracking data and information islands, realizing the “unified bearing” of industrial applications, and assisting the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry. The high-quality development of the Industrial Internet has explored a path of innovation. Senior executives from Huawei, CLP Intelligent, Beijing Tianrong, and Miyun Smart Number gave keynote speeches respectively, sharing the practical and exploratory experience of industrial Internet in their respective companies and industries, and the participants gathered together for the development of smart manufacturing and innovation of business models , Industrial cross-border integration and other major issues, discussed the transformation path of the new round of industrial revolution in the 5G era, and expressed their views on how to combine China Unicom’s core capabilities with industry resource endowments to achieve complementary industrial ecological advantages and win-win cooperation , And looked forward to the in-depth cooperation with Jiangxi Unicom Industrial Internet Platform in the future. In the sub-forums, awards were also held for “Top 20 Internet Companies in Jiangxi Province in 2021” and “Most Innovative Internet Companies in Jiangxi Province in 2021”.

Riding the wind and breaking the tide, it is time to set sail. In the future, Jiangxi Unicom will fully implement the digital information infrastructure operation and service national team, the main force in the construction of the digital China smart society of the network power, the pioneer of digital technology integration and innovation, and bravely assume the responsibility of the central enterprise, actively contribute to the strategy of Jiangxi’s industrial province, and polish Jiangxi’s industrial Internet “The No. 1 Brand” promotes the innovative development of Jiangxi Industrial Internet and digital economy.

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