GF and Universal Wafers signed a memorandum of cooperation to supply 12-inch SOI wafers for a long time in the future

GLOBALFOUNDRIES, the world’s leading semiconductor foundry, announced on February 24 that it has signed a memorandum of cooperation (MOU) with Globalwafers.Co.,Ltd, the world’s top three silicon wafer manufacturers. Universal Wafers will be responsible for the long-term supply of GF’s 12-inch wafers.

Global Wafers is one of the world’s leading 8-inch SOI manufacturers and a long-term supplier of GF’s 8-inch SOI wafers. The two parties have maintained a good cooperative relationship for a long time. Global Wafer is also a 12-inch wafer manufacturer. Based on the future development and stable supply demand of both parties, Global Wafer and GF are expected to work closely together to effectively expand the production capacity of Global Wafer’s 12-inch SOI wafer.

GF plans to use the 12-inch wafer supply under this agreement to meet growing industry demand for RF SOI technology. These technologies are optimized to provide low-power, high-performance and easy-to-integrate solutions for current and next-generation mobile devices and 5G applications.

Bami Bastani, Senior Vice President of Mobile and Wireless Infrastructure at GF, said: “Mobile, wireless and 5G present huge business opportunities for GF, with more than 85% of smartphones currently on the market powered by our RF technology. GLOBALFOUNDRIES is delighted to be working with Global Wafers and looks forward to jointly developing an additional supply chain of 12-inch SOI wafers that can be integrated into GF’s manufacturing process to further meet the growing demand for RF SOI technology solutions ”

Tom Weber, Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer at GF, said: “Given our market positioning, both we and our customers need to build a diverse supply chain of 12-inch SOI wafers that are in the best interests of GF and our customers. .Universal Wafers is the best partner to achieve this goal.”

Xu Xiulan, Chairman and Chief Administrative Officer of Global Wafer, said: “We are delighted to expand our long-term partnership with GF by taking advantage of the market’s opportunity to move towards next-generation RF applications. This collaboration will ultimately bring more benefits to both parties. Great success!”

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