Freetech and Horizon Sign Cooperation to Help China’s Intelligent Driving Breakthrough

Intelligent driving solution service provider and product supplier Freetech Intelligent System Co., Ltd. (“Freetech”) and edge artificial intelligence chip and solution provider Beijing Horizon Robotics Technology R&D Co., Ltd. (“Horizon”) signed a strategy In the cooperation agreement, the two parties will focus their R&D technical strength on cooperation in the fields of advanced assisted driving systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving solutions, and are committed to providing Chinese OEMs with mass-produced ADAS products, and work together to help China’s intelligent driving technology break through.

The global automotive industry has experienced more than one hundred years of development and has formed a complete and strict industrial structure and industrial chain. For a long time, China’s automobile industry has been seeking breakthroughs in key core technologies and independent control of the industrial chain. Under the current wave of the new four modernizations of automobiles, the trend of automobile intelligence provides a window of opportunity for the Chinese automobile industry to break through. The cooperation between Freetech and Horizon will help China’s auto industry build an independent and competitive industrial chain, provide safe and reliable “smart driving solutions” for Chinese OEMs, and compete with world-class auto parts manufacturers on the same stage .

This time, Freetech has reached a cooperation with Horizon, and will be committed to providing safe and reliable “smart driving solutions” for Chinese OEMs, and competing with world-class auto parts manufacturers on the same stage, helping to create an independent vehicle industry for China And a competitive industrial chain. The two parties will actively leverage their respective technological advantages, promote the rapid development of intelligent driving technology, improve the industrial chain structure, and jointly create a local intelligent driving industrial chain system in China.

As a key technology for intelligent driving, advanced driver assistance system solutions cover the entire driving link of “perception-decision-execution”. The primary goal of ADAS is to provide drivers with safety assistance, to issue warnings when the vehicle becomes critical, and to perform error correction in specific scenarios, so as to provide a comfortable driving experience under the premise of ensuring safety. As competition in the automotive market evolves, the scale of ADAS applications will maintain a steady and orderly growth. The strategic cooperation between Freetech and Horizon will highlight their unique technological advantages and produce synergistic and complementary effects.

Freetech, as the first-tier ADAS supplier, provides OEMs with complete ADAS system solutions including hardware, algorithms, software, integration, etc., and provides OEMs with advanced ADAS functions. Its excellent product performance, The high degree of adaptability and rapid and flexible response capabilities of Chinese scenarios have won the cooperation and development projects of many domestic OEMs, and has begun to realize the mass supply of products on the OEM’s mass-produced vehicles.

In the cooperation with Freetech, Horizon exerts its own unique leading advantages in artificial intelligence algorithms and chip design, and conducts in-depth cooperation from the product and technical level to help it accelerate the development and mass production of high-performance, low-power ADAS application.

“Safety has always been the top priority of the automotive industry. On the eve of autonomous driving, intelligent driving products represented by ADAS will become the focus of car manufacturers.” Horizon founder Yu Kai said: “As AI chips and solutions The bottom-level enabler of the solution, Horizon will fully open up AI chip and algorithm capabilities. Through continuous polishing of the basic technology platform composed of chips, algorithms, and tool chains, it will work with partners to help customers create more valuable intelligent driving products and boost cars. The industry realizes intelligent upgrading.”

The road test of the mass-produced models shows that Freetech’s ADAS system can accurately identify and locate the vehicles, pedestrians, lane lines, traffic signs and other targets on the forward road, and provide risk warnings and safe driving to the driver. Auxiliary control improves driving safety.

The first-mover advantage of technology promotes the commercialization process and provides a steady stream of momentum for Horizon to empower actual scenarios. As the first AI chip startup that has won heavyweight customers in the four major global automotive markets (the United States, Germany, China, and Japan), Horizon has achieved 5 Pre-installation fixed points for customers in four countries, and is expected to obtain a double-digit pre-installed model designation in the first half of next year. From rear-mounted to front-mounted, from assisted driving to autonomous driving, Horizon has developed rapidly in commercialization. The cooperation with Freetech this time is another firm step that Horizon has taken on the road to commercialization of intelligent driving.

Not long ago, Horizon announced the mass production of China’s first automotive-grade AI chip — the second-generation, new-generation AIoT intelligent application acceleration engine. With this as a new starting point, Horizon will continue to adhere to the industry positioning of the bottom-level enablers, centering on the AI ​​on Horizon, Journey Together strategy, and through chip open enablement to work with partners to help the widespread implementation of artificial intelligence in the field of intelligent driving and intelligence, and accelerate the generalization With the advent of the AI ​​era, everyone’s life is safer and better.

The cooperation between Freetech and Horizon will help the development and breakthrough of China’s ADAS industry, promote the development of China’s intelligent driving technology, and provide “safe, real and effective” intelligent solutions for the Chinese automobile industry to enhance the overall Chinese automobile industry The level of manufacturing assists the Chinese automobile industry and both parties’ customers to devote themselves to the international market and actively participate in global competition.

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