for real? OPPO announced to build a car, adding a new army to autonomous driving

Recently, there has been a “car-building wave” in the ICT circle. After Apple, Xiaomi, Baidu, etc. announced car-building, the news that OPPO is going to build a car has also spread all over the city. Suspected OPPO employees broke the news: the group has applied for a car-making patent, is intensively researching cars, and the automotive business department is set to be in Chengdu… OPPO officials have not responded to this matter for the time being.


According to industry insiders, OPPO’s car-making has long been a sign. In 2019, OPPO founder and CEO Chen Mingyong mentioned at the OPPO Future Technology Conference that OPPO’s future positioning will be a technology company, not just a mobile phone company, and he himself has been thinking about making cars.

In December 2020, OPPO announced that it will work with Ideal ONE to jointly create a seamless experience of “smart car-machine interconnection”. At the same time, OPPO Reno5 equipped with a Bluetooth car key function was officially launched. This also confirms what Chen Yongming once said, “We either don’t do it, or we will do what we are good at, instead of building our own cars.”

In January this year, OPPO and Zhejiang University jointly established an innovation center, which mainly develops Display-related technologies. It is understood that these technologies can be used for both mobile phone screens and smart cockpit displays. Also this year, OPPO announced a new set of patents, including “methods, devices, in-vehicle equipment and storage media for anti-collision reminders” and “ranging devices, ranging methods, cameras and Electronic devices”.


In fact, OPPO’s car manufacturing is also expected in the process of industrial development. In recent years, the mobile phone industry is in a stage of high involution, and mobile phone manufacturers are looking for other ways. Smart cars take over from smartphones and become one of the hottest areas in the technology industry. Coupled with the track with the largest potential space in the 5G downstream application scenarios of autonomous cabs, it is expected that the global penetration rate of smart connected vehicles will accelerate in the future. All I can say is “Turn to a new track, sooner rather than later”.

Tesla, which is frequently searched for, does not give the audience a good impression of autonomous driving. The immature autonomous driving technology is also a big challenge for OPPO. Whether it can take the track of intelligent driving well is not yet known, but embarking on a new track may bring ecological expansion to it.

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