Even Honor doesn’t want to use Huawei’s Hongmeng system, let alone Xiaomi and OV!

Yesterday, the Honor 50 series was officially released, and in the face of the media, CEO Zhao Ming also mentioned the issue of Huawei Hongmeng. He said: “We will pay attention to the future development of the Hongmeng ecosystem. In the future, we will choose the operating system based on the preferences of global consumers.”

It means that Honor still will not use Hongmeng, and we will talk about the future in the future. At that time, we will see where the market is and where the users are, and then decide whether to use it or not.

And we know that Honor has set itself a goal, and that is to become the top 2 domestic mobile phone brand and the top 3 mobile phone brand in the world in the future. With such a combination, we know that it is basically difficult.

Even Honor doesn’t want to use Huawei’s Hongmeng system, let alone Xiaomi and OV!

You must know that Honor is still a mobile phone company separated from Huawei. Even Honor does not want to use Huawei’s Hongmeng system. It is conceivable that friends like Xiaomi and OV don’t want to use it. Meizu said before that they would embrace Hongmeng. Finally, everyone found out Meizu mobile phones are still using their own flyme, not Hongmeng, which is evident.

So why is it so difficult to let friends and businessmen use the Hongmeng system? In fact, there are many reasons. You don’t have to be enthusiastic and ask friends and businessmen to use it.

On the one hand, it is because friends and businessmen can use not Huawei’s own HarmonyOS, but they have to download the OpenHarmony code themselves, and then package it into their own commercial version of the operating system.

Manufacturers such as Xiaomi and OV have studied Android for more than ten years before they have today’s revised systems such as MIUI and ColorOS. Now they give up the research results of more than 10 years and start researching Hongmeng from 0. If it were you, what would you do? Do?

Besides, Huawei is a private company, donating the code of the Hongmeng system is strictly speaking a commercial open source behavior of a private company. The purpose is to attract more people to participate, so as to develop the Hongmeng ecosystem, and ultimately it is for profit. , so everyone does not need to rise to the height of the country, and should deal with this issue rationally.

Similarly, Xiaomi and OV are also private enterprises. Xiaomi and OV also have their own IoT systems or layouts, their own mobile phones, and their own business models. They are rivals with Huawei. When Huawei encounters difficulties, As an opponent, it would be good not to fall into the trap. Do you still actively invest in your own efforts to help Huawei’s (rival) Hongmeng system release and expand? It is estimated that Xiaomi and OV are not so noble.

Besides, Xiaomi, OV, and Honor all rely on Qualcomm, GMS, and many American companies. Under the current external situation, Xiaomi, OV, and Honor all dare not get on Huawei’s cars. After all, the meaning behind this is obviously.

In addition, based on the Apache protocol, Android AOSP has always been open source. There is no reason for Google, and there is no possibility of closed source. Everyone can use the Android system without interruption.

And if you use Huawei Hongmeng, you have to rely on compatibility with the Android ecosystem to obtain your own ecology. Hongmeng’s own ecology is very imperfect. This is equivalent to using the Hongmeng system, but it is actually the Android ecosystem. Let friends and businessmen use Hongmeng, which is equivalent to the final Back to Android after turning two corners?

As for the Internet of Things interconnection that everyone said, friends and businessmen have joined in, but it does not benefit the businessmen themselves at all. The real thing is to make wedding clothes for Huawei, so it is indeed difficult for friends and businessmen to use Hongmeng unless the supply of Android is cut off, but this Obviously unlikely.

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