Enjoy high-end audio and video style ViewSonic launches intelligent cinema-level projection TX5000K

ViewSonic released the TX5000K, a 4K smart ultra-short-throw cinema-grade LED projector. The TX5000K has a stylish black body with a simple and high-end streamlined texture; it is equipped with 4K UHD ultra-high-definition resolution, which can fully Display an ultra-clear picture of 8.3 million pixels, with clear details; the new generation of LED light sources The lifespan can reach 30,000 hours; it has a projection ratio of 0.25 and a stunning SoundBar shape, and a 100-inch giant screen can be displayed only 38cm away from the wall; it is equipped with a higher 2400 LED Lumens brightness and HDR function support; equipped with ViewSonic Cinema SuperColor+ dazzling color technology, the color gamut coverage can reach 125% Rec. 709, presenting stunning color visual effects like a cinema; it is also equipped with two 20W high-quality JBL speakers, creating extraordinary cinema-level sound effects, helping users easily Get a simple and atmospheric private home theater experience and improve the quality of your overall home life.

Set fashion, beauty and high quality in one

The ViewSonic TX5000K has a unique SoundBar look that combines metallic paint, mesh cloth, speaker cloth and textures to smoothly blend into different styles of home and AV equipment setups, and an advanced gear-adjustable stand that doesn’t need to lift the machine. The projection screen can be fine-tuned; equipped with a 0.25 throw ratio, a 100-inch giant screen can be presented at a distance of only 38cm from the wall, even if the space is small, you can also obtain a happy and large sense of space; TX5000K allows users to enjoy 4 times the full High-definition Ultra HD’s clear and detailed pictures, with 8.3 million pixels, make 4K Hollywood blockbusters, major sports events, games and live broadcasts fully presented in front of you; it is equipped with a higher 2400 LED Lumens brightness and supports HDR 10/ HLG, which presents richer picture details and captures amazing brightness and color accuracy; at the same time, the Blu-ray 3D function provides an immersive 3D cinema-level experience, allowing users to get the high-end quality experience of a private theater at home.

High-quality dynamic picture performance

The TX5000K can obtain deeper images through the equipped Dynamic Black application technology. At the same time, it can automatically check and provide customized high-contrast performance according to the brightness of different scenes of the input content. Compared with ordinary images, it can create better images. Multi-dark field details and the vividness of bright scenes bring more delicate layered performance; the equipped motion compensation frame interpolation technology can reduce motion blur and smoothly transmit fast-moving images, and the dynamic sense is clear and desirable at any time.

Complement each other to create the ultimate enjoyment of leisure and entertainment

ViewSonic TX5000K adopts the second-generation RGBB LED light source technology, which can provide higher brightness and a wider color gamut range, achieving wider color gamut coverage, exceeding the color gamut of 125% Rec709; equipped with a non-reflective ultra-short focus The wide-angle lens is equipped with low-dispersion coating technology to provide transparent and pure images; at the same time, ViewSonic’s professional Cinema SuperColor+ image processing engine integrates LED light source technology to ensure color saturation and allow users to enjoy true and accurate color reproduction; the configured laser The light source can provide up to 30,000 hours of service life, helping users calculate 4 hours a day, and the use time can be as high as 20 years of high cost performance.

The TX5000K has a cinema-level sound system. It has built-in two 20W JBL sound systems calibrated by the JBL sound engineer team to provide vibrant treble, balanced midrange and strong bass. Whether users are watching movies, MV or live concert, both can have a full range of immersive cinema-level sound experience; it also supports Bluetooth audio input, which can become a powerful Bluetooth audio in seconds; at the same time, users can also connect an external subwoofer to build an exclusive concert hall.

Intelligent system escorts quality

TX5000K is equipped with quad-core CPU and 2GB DDR4 high-speed memory, 16GB emmc large storage can provide users with a smooth running experience; built-in mango milk system, intelligent UI design creates a collection of network-wide content, only some of the content needs to be paid for by VIP, Every member of the family can easily control and choose from a large amount of content; it supports wireless projection and 5GHz Wi-Fi, making network connection and data playback smoother; it is equipped with 3-way HDMI2.0 interface, which is convenient for connecting multiple channels Ultra-high-definition signal; it is also equipped with Type-C and USB-A interfaces for easy expansion, and the interface design is arranged on the back/side at the same time, which greatly facilitates the use of users.

It is worth mentioning that the TX5000K has a built-in ultrasonic sensor. When the object is too close to the lens, the eye protection function will automatically cut off the projected light source. The dual-sensor design provides a greater protection angle, which is very rare for ultra-short-distance lenses. And valuable, at the same time with the diffuse reflection technology that is closer to natural light, double care for your eyes; support OTA online update and remote control focus button, adjust the projector clarity quickly and easily; Provide sealed optical engine, dustproof and durable , enhance the reliability of the machine, at the same time, TX5000K also has BT4.0 output, easy to connect your Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth audio.

4K hard-core ultra-high-definition picture, wider high-quality sound quality and TX5000K with intelligent core configuration create an immersive audio-visual experience for users, allowing you to enjoy a “private theater” at home without leaving home.

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