Easier Design of High Efficiency AC/DC Converters Using SiC MOSFETs

【Introduction】BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ is the most advanced AC/DC converter IC in the industry. It adopts an integrated package. It has built a 1700V withstand voltage SiC MOSFET and a control circuit optimized for its drive into a small surface mount package (TO263-7L )middle. It is mainly suitable for auxiliary power supply of industrial equipment such as general inverters, AC servos, commercial air conditioners, and street lamps that need to handle high power. In addition, it can ensure long-term stable supply, which is very suitable for industrial equipment applications.

*ROHM survey data as of June 17, 2021

Easier Design of High Efficiency AC/DC Converters Using SiC MOSFETs

Highlights of the BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ

● Built-in 1700V withstand voltage SiC MOSFET, making the design easier

● Adopt surface mount package (TO263-7L), which can be automatically mounted on the circuit board

● Compared with discrete structure, the number of components can be greatly reduced (for example, 12 components and 1 heatsink can be reduced to 1 device)

● Compared with Si MOSFET, the power conversion efficiency of SiC MOSFET can be improved by up to 5%

● Adopt quasi-resonant method to achieve lower EMI

● Significant miniaturization and higher reliability can be achieved by reducing the number of components

● It can ensure long-term stable supply, which is very suitable for industrial equipment applications

● 4 new models with different actions after the protection function is activated have been added to the product lineup

● Single product and evaluation board BM2SC123FP2-EVK-001 can be purchased through e-commerce platform

AC/DC converter IC with built-in SiC MOSFET:

BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ Features and Benefits

The BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ was developed for auxiliary power applications for various control systems of industrial equipment. In the power conversion circuit of the auxiliary power supply, the main switching devices are still ordinary Si (silicon) MOSFETs and IGBTs, so how to reduce the loss of these power devices has become a major issue in recent years. Since the BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ has built-in SiC MOSFETs with excellent energy saving performance, it makes the design of AC/DC converters using SiC MOSFETs easier. In addition, the series is available in a surface-mount package that supports automatic mounting, thereby reducing installation costs.

The following summarizes the features of the BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ and the advantages based on these features. For details on the specifications and product lineup of the BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ, see “Specifications” or here.

● Adopt surface mount package that supports 48W output, which can be installed automatically, thus reducing installation cost

The BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ comes in the TO263-7L surface mount package developed for built-in SiC MOSFETs. Despite its small size, it can fully ensure the package safety (creepage distance) when handling high power, and can support up to 48W (24V/2A) as a surface mount package product without a heatsink under the premise of ensuring installation accuracy etc.) output power. This output stage device used to be a plug-in package and could not be installed automatically, while the BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ uses a surface-mount package that supports automatic installation, which is very helpful to reduce the number of components and installation costs.

● Integrated package greatly reduces the number of external components, circuit scale and installation area

The BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ significantly reduces the number of external components by building the SiC MOSFET and control IC into one package. Compared with the ordinary discrete structure using Si MOSFET and 48W output power, it can reduce up to 12 components (AC/DC converter control IC × 1, 800V withstand voltage Si-MOSFET × 2, Zener diode × 3, resistor radiator × 6) and 1 radiator. In addition, since SiC MOSFETs have high withstand voltage and excellent noise immunity, smaller noise and surge immunity components can also be used. Not only that, because the control method adopts the quasi-resonant method, compared with the PWM method, it can run more efficiently with lower noise, so the noise interference (EMI) to other circuits and equipment is very small, and only a small amount of Noise reduction measures are sufficient.

● Reduced design and evaluation man-hours, and higher reliability through integrated packaging and built-in protection functions

All-in-one packaging reduces man-hours for component selection and evaluation, making design easier. In addition, the built-in SiC MOSFET has various protection functions such as high-precision overheat protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection of power supply voltage pins, FET overcurrent protection, and overvoltage protection of secondary side voltage, which greatly reduces the number of components. quantity, so that the reliability of the product is higher.

● Adopt control circuit optimized for driving SiC MOSFET, higher efficiency

The BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ adopts a gate drive circuit optimized for driving the built-in SiC MOSFET, which can give full play to the characteristics of SiC MOSFET – low loss characteristics, and the efficiency can be improved by up to 5% compared with ordinary products using Si MOSFET (as of 2021 ROHM survey data in June 2009). The figure below shows the comparison data. In the comparison, each control IC has been adjusted to obtain the best efficiency.

Application example

● Universal Inverter

● AC servo

● PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

● Manufacturing equipment

● Robots

● Commercial air conditioners

● Industrial lighting (street lights, etc.)

Related Information

BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ single product and evaluation board can be purchased through the e-commerce platform. Click here for application notes, stock availability and details for each evaluation board. The following table is excerpted from the evaluation board list on this linked page. In addition to the BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ described in this article, two other evaluation boards are available, both with AC/DC converter ICs using 1700V SiC MOSFETs.

Using 1700V SiC MOSFET

The evaluation board of the BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ series is the BM2SC123FP2-EVK-001, which is equipped with an automatic recovery type BM2SC123FP2-LBZ for smooth evaluation.

The BD7682FJ-LB-EVK-402 is an evaluation board equipped with the controller IC BD7682FJ-LB external to the SiC MOSFET.

The BM2SCQ123T-EVK-001 is an evaluation board for the BM2SCQ123T-LBZ equipped with a through-hole TO220 package. It is different from the surface mount BM2SC12xFP2-LBZ series, and it is also an automatic recovery product.

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