Domestic semiconductor manufacturers inventory: the road to break the IC industry is full of challenges

According to data from the China semiconductor Industry Association, in the first half of 2021, the sales of China’s integrated circuit industry will be approximately 410.29 billion yuan. Although the market scale of my country’s entire integrated circuit industry is huge, it relies on imports to a large extent. According to customs statistics, in the first half of 2021, the import volume of China’s integrated circuit industry was 312.33 billion yuan, and the import value was about 197.88 billion U.S. dollars; while the export volume was 151.39 billion yuan, and the export value was about 663.6. One hundred million U.S. dollars. Imports and exports of China’s integrated circuit industry are seriously unbalanced.

With the continuous development of the Internet economy, whether it is a new information industry or traditional enterprises carrying out information reforms, the demand for chips continues to rise, which makes more and more people aware of the importance of chips.

Fortunately, society is paying more and more attention to the semiconductor industry, and more chip companies have a deep understanding of the importance of chip localization. With the continuous efforts of all parties, domestic semiconductors have achieved a series of achievements.

power component

Power devices have a very wide range of applications in the power electronics industry and are one of the basic components of Electronic products. With the rapid development of science and technology, the application fields of power semiconductor devices are rapidly expanding from traditional industrial fields to strategic emerging fields such as new energy, big data, Internet of Things, smart grids, smart robots, and rail transit. According to IHS Markit, the global power device market size in 2019 is about 40.4 billion U.S. dollars. Omida predicts that the market size will grow to 52.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2024, with an annual growth rate of 5.3%. The substantial growth of the PC and cloud server markets brought about by home office, the construction of 5G infrastructure and the large number of shipments of 5G mobile phones are all important driving forces for the growth of the global semiconductor and global power semiconductor market.

Domestic semiconductor companies have long started the design and production of power devices such as diodes, transistors, and MOSFETs. According to the research data of Ximou, in 2020, 5 companies in China’s power discrete devices will enter the top 20 in the world. Hangzhou Silan Micro, ranked 20th in Jilin China Micro.

Yangjie Technology is based on power semiconductors, and through continuous expansion of product lines and downstream applications, it has achieved an industry-leading competitive position in diodes and rectifier bridge products. In addition to diode products, the company has increased R&D investment, developed and mass-produced a variety of high-end power devices and modules such as MOSFET, IGBT modules, and silicon carbide devices, forming a comprehensive power semiconductor product layout. From 2009 to 2019, the company’s revenue continued to grow, with a 10-year compound average growth rate of 26.55%. In 2020, the total operating income will be 2.631 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 31.11%.

China Resources Micro is a leading company in the entire industry chain of power semiconductor chip design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing. Its products focus on power semiconductors, smart sensors, and smart controls. MOSFET is the core product of China Resources Micro, and China Resources Micro is also one of the few companies that can provide a full range of low, medium and high voltage MOSFET products. According to Omdia’s statistics, in terms of sales in 2020, China Resources Micro ranks third in the Chinese MOSFET market, second only to Infineon and ON Semiconductor, and is the largest MOSFET manufacturer in China. In 2020, China Resources Micro’s operating income was 6.997 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21.50%.

As an established manufacturer of semiconductor power devices, Silan Micro already has mature power semiconductor devices, MOSFETs, IGBTs, diodes and other device products. It has also become one of the large-scale integrated integrated circuit chip design and manufacturing (IDM) enterprises in China, and its technical level, business scale, profitability and other indicators are among the best in domestic counterparts. In 2020, the company’s total operating income was 4,280,56 million yuan, an increase of 37.61% over the same period in 2019.

China Microelectronics is a national high-tech enterprise integrating design and development of power semiconductor devices, chip processing, packaging and testing and product marketing. Its predecessor was the Jilin City Semiconductor Factory in Jilin Province, which was established in 1965. China Microelectronics released the 2021 semi-annual report. The company achieved operating income of 992 million yuan in the first half of the year, a year-on-year increase of 23.45%. China Microelectronics is a leading domestic power semiconductor company based on the IDM model. It has the integrated operating capabilities of the entire industry chain such as chip design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing. At present, China Microelectronics has a 4-inch to 8-inch chip production line, with a production capacity of 4 million wafers per year of various sizes, and a packaging resource of 2.4 billion wafers per year.

As a leading domestic power device design company, Xinjie Energy has four categories of trench power MOSFET, super junction power MOSFET, shielded gate power MOSFET and IGBT. Its products cover a voltage range of 12V to 1350V and a current range of 0.1A to 350A. There are more than 1,300 subdivided models of products, and it is one of the domestic companies with the most complete range of MOSFET products. In 2020, Xinjieneng’s revenue was 955 million yuan, an increase of 23.62% year-on-year.

In April this year, according to people familiar with the matter, Huawei is recruiting talents for the company’s power device research and development, including mainstream power devices such as IGBT, MOSFET, SiC, and GaN. It is said that the team currently has hundreds of people.

In recent years, my country’s power device output has continued to increase, and the strength of domestic enterprises has gradually increased. Since 2015, my country’s power device production and sales rate has been above 100%. In recent years, it has maintained a rapid growth trend. The production and sales rate in 2020 will reach the highest level in recent years. my country’s power device market as a whole is in a state of oversupply.


GPUs are widely used in games, high-definition displays, meta-universe, data centers, Internet of Vehicles and other fields, and downstream demand is strong. According to Verified Market Research data, the global GPU market value is 25.41 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, and it is expected to reach 185.31 billion U.S. dollars in 2027, with an average annual growth rate of 32.82%. According to estimates, the discrete GPU market in mainland China will be 4.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, and it will exceed 34.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2027.

As a leading domestic GPU company, Jingjiawei is a well-deserved domestic light. In the first half of 2021, the company’s revenue was 475 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 53.51%; net profit was approximately 126 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 41.11%. Jingjiawei launched the first domestic high-reliability graphics processing chip JM5400 with completely independent intellectual property rights, which can be widely used in graphics generation and Display fields with high reliability requirements to meet graphics systems in airborne, shipborne, and vehicle environments. The functional and performance requirements. In addition, JM7 series products promote the rapid growth of chip business. The 7 series products launched by the company in 2018 have been widely used in the Xinchuang market. It is understood that Jingjiawei JM9 series graphics processing chips are currently in the testing stage. The 9 series products support high-performance computing, high-definition displays and games. High-performance computing, while the Display and control capabilities have been greatly improved to support 3D display and 4k games; GPU products are expected to expand from the Xinchuang field to the civilian product market, opening up new market space.

At the same time, Zhaoxin, which masters the three core technologies of CPU, GPU, and chipset, has the ability to design and develop the three core chips and related IP, and is committed to promoting the overall development of the information industry through technological innovation and mainstream development. In 2019Q2, Zhaoxin released a brand new processor KX-6000 series for PC. KX-6000 is the industry’s first domestic-made general-purpose processor with a single-chip SoC that fully integrates CPU, GPU, and chipset. The KX-6000 series processor adopts a 16-nanometer process, integrates a high-performance graphics card, supports DP/HDMI/VGA output, is compatible with mainstream APIs such as DirectX, OpenGL, and OpenCL, and can output up to 3 displays at the same time, with a resolution of up to 4K. In addition to the above integrated GPUs, Zhaoxin also plans to release a stand-alone GPU with TSMC’s 28-nanometer process and a TDP of 70 watts.

Lingjiu Electronics, which is controlled by the 709th Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, developed GP101, a graphics processor chip with completely independent intellectual property rights. GP101 supports 2D/3D graphics acceleration, supports two-dimensional vector graphics acceleration, supports 4K resolution, video decoding and hardware layer processing and other functions. GP101 supports general operating systems such as VxWorks, Linux, Windows, etc., supports domestic operating systems such as Kylin, Dao, etc., and supports domestic processors such as Loongson, Feiteng, and Shenwei. GP101 has achieved a zero breakthrough in my country’s general-purpose 3D graphics card. It has sufficient guarantees in terms of information security and supply capabilities, and can be widely used in many military and civilian fields.

Founded in 2019, Xintong Semiconductor is a technology company engaged in GPU chip design. The company focuses on the research and development of high-performance GPU chips, provides users with self-developed GPU chips as the core solutions, and is committed to building an industry-leading GPU chip design platform. The company’s first-generation GPU chip (GenBu01) series products have been adapted to domestic CPUs and mainstream operating systems, and can be applied to application scenarios such as embedded computing and equipment, office computers, and industrial display equipment. The high-performance products under development can be applied to large-scale equipment such as servers and data centers. The company’s GPU architecture adopts the industry’s mainstream unified rendering architecture, and has a highly scalable interconnect structure and computing array to facilitate subsequent iterative upgrades of the chip. After years of accumulation, the team has built a chip modeling virtual platform. Through this virtual platform, the team can quickly complete the development of GPU-related software and the deployment of software ecology. At the same time, the chip architecture can be quickly performed on the virtual platform. Verification, thereby shortening the design verification cycle of GPU chips and improving the design efficiency of GPU chips.

Tianshu Zhixin is the first GPGPU (General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit) cloud chip and super computing power system provider in China. In March of this year, the fully self-developed high-performance cloud 7nm GPGPU chip BI and acceleration card were officially released, which achieved a breakthrough in the history of domestic high-performance GPGPU. Based on the domestic market, Tianshu Zhixin focuses on building independent, controllable, internationally leading general-purpose, standard, high-performance general-purpose parallel GPGPU cloud computing chips, solving computing power problems from the chip side; and launching cloud inference chips for 5G application requirements, compatible with the mainstream GPGPU ecology promotes the construction of localized ecology.

It is said that the first 7nm GPU developed by Biren Technology will be taped out in the third quarter of this year. Biren Technology has raised a total of 4.7 billion yuan, and the company’s amazing ability to attract funds has attracted much attention. The reason why Biren Technology has such a strong financing ability under the background of not releasing its first product is largely due to Zhang Wen, the founder and chairman of Biren Technology, and the founding team formed. Zhang Wen once worked at Shangtang Technology and served as the president. SenseTime is also a “financing maniac” in the AI ​​field. Zhang Wen is mainly responsible for SenseTime’s cooperation with Shanghai, Chengdu and other cities, including participating in the China Headquarters and Global R&D Headquarters of SenseTime Group in Shanghai. Zhang Wen also brought extremely luxurious configuration for Biren Technology. Hong Zhou, CTO and Chief Architect of Biren Technology, was responsible for GPU projects at Nvidia, S3 Graphics, Zhaoxin, etc., before joining Biren Technology, he was responsible for HiSilicon Research GPU team. Co-founder Jiao Guofang, has worked at Trident, S3 Graphics, and Qualcomm. The 5th generation Qualcomm Adreno mobile GPU architecture was developed by him.The most recent resume is the chief scientist of GPU technology at Huawei Futurewei, responsible for Huawei Hongmeng OS graphics and image processing and UI system. frame.

In the context of various technological trends and competition from major powers, the domestic GPU track has entered a white-hot stage. But the more beautiful the flowers are, the more you have to be wary of confusion, and proper “cold” thinking is good for your body and mind.

Analog IC

Analog chips are ubiquitous, mainly used for power management and signal links, with long life cycles, high thresholds and obvious barriers. According to WSTS data, the overall scale of the global semiconductor industry in 2020 is 433.1 billion U.S. dollars, and the market size of analog chips will reach 54 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 13% of the semiconductor industry, and it is an important part of the semiconductor industry. According to IDC data, China’s analog chip market is about 36% of the global market, but the local self-sufficiency rate is low. For a long time, the global analog chip market has been monopolized by the United States and Europe. The self-sufficiency rate of domestic analog manufacturers is less than 20%, and even less than 5% in the high-end field.

Silicon Power was established in 2008 and went public in 2013. Based on independent innovation, it has a global layout and is a technology leader in the analog chip industry. The annual growth rate in the past 10 years has exceeded 30%. Silica utilizes industry-leading process technology to design innovative mixed-signal and analog ICs. Products are widely used in industrial, consumer, computing and communication equipment to improve efficiency and save or measure energy usage.

The domestic analog leader Shengbangwei focuses on the R&D and sales of high-performance, high-quality analog integrated circuits. In the first half of 2021, the company achieved revenue of 9154.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 96.66%. The company’s products cover two major areas of signal chain and power management. It has more than 3,500 models for sale in 25 categories, including various operational amplifiers and Comparator, audio power amplifier, video buffer, line driver, analog switch, etc. Productivity is widely used in communication equipment, consumer electronics, industrial control, medical equipment and automotive electronics, as well as emerging markets such as the Internet of Things, new energy and artificial intelligence. Since 2008, the company has been continuously rated as “Top Ten Chinese IC Design Companies”.

In the first half of this year, Aiwin Electronics’ revenue was 1.067 billion yuan. Aiwin Electronics focuses on the design of digital-analog hybrid, analog, radio frequency and other IC designs, and provides comprehensive technology leadership and high-quality, High-performance IC products. On August 16, Shanghai Aiwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Aiwei Electronics has a very large number of R&D personnel, up to 641.

Focusing on high-performance analog ICs, Siripul currently has more than 900 product models available for sale. The products are mainly signal chain analog chips, and gradually expand to power management analog chips. Its application scope covers information communication and industrial control. , Monitoring and security, medical and health, instrumentation, new energy and automobiles and many other fields, customers cover Huawei, ZTE, Hikvision, etc. The company achieved operating income of 566 million yuan in 2020, an increase of 86.61% year-on-year.

Founded in 2008, Jingfeng Mingyuan is one of the leading analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit design companies in China. The 2021 semi-annual report shows that the company achieved operating income of 1.066 billion yuan, an increase of 177.19% over the same period of the previous year, and achieved a net profit of 336 million yuan. The company’s AC/DC products have obtained good customer feedback. The AC/DC power chips of large appliances, mainly white appliances (air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines), have completed customer verification, and many customers have entered the mass sales stage; suitable for small household appliances The AC/DC power chip of the company has begun to enter the sample delivery stage; the single Firewire smart Panel AC/DC product has begun to be shipped in batches. During the semi-annual reporting period, the built-in AC/DC power chip products achieved a total sales income of 12.097 million yuan. The external AC/DC power chip used in chargers and adapters achieved sales income of 18.8396 million yuan, and some products have entered the stage of mass trial production.

Xinpengwei is a high-tech innovative enterprise specializing in the design of analog and digital-analog hybrid integrated circuits focusing on power management. The company has domestic leading R&D strength, especially in the high and low voltage integrated semiconductor technology, it has an industry-leading R&D team. The company has successfully developed and mass-produced a single-chip 700V high and low voltage integrated switching power supply chip, 1200V high and low voltage integrated switching power supply chip, zero-watt standby high and low voltage integrated switching power supply chip and other products.

Saiwei Microelectronics is one of only three companies in the world that can mass-produce high-precision battery fuel gauge ASICs. The product line includes battery fuel gauge chips, battery management chips, battery protection chips, BMS front-end acquisition chips, and USB charging control chips.Focus on market areas covering mobile communications, tablet computers, notebook computers, power tools, electric vehicles, battery energy storage equipment and many other fields, with a cumulative shipment of more than 300 million chips

From the performance point of view, although domestic analog IC manufacturers are far from international giants such as Texas Instruments in terms of business volume, the demand for domestic substitution is strong, and their revenues are showing a state of rapid growth. In many terminals such as Huawei and ZTE With the blessing of customers, domestic analog IC manufacturers have a promising future.

Concluding remarks

The development of the semiconductor industry is urgent, and the road to break the situation in China’s integrated circuit industry is full of challenges. Manufacturers should open up the upstream and downstream industry chains from the perspective of global development, and use market capital to continuously research, invest in research and development, and iterate quickly in order to break through the background of the crowds.

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