Diodes Corporation’s MIPI 2:1 Switcher Offers Cost-Effectiveness for Multi-Camera Installations

[June 2, 2020 PLANO, TX]Diodes Incorporated (Nasdaq: DIOD) today announced the PI3WVR626, a MIPI® D-PHY/C-PHY 2:1 switcher that enables a single host device to interface with two MIPI-standard module connectivity helps engineers optimize the design of multi-camera phones with other personal computing devices.

Many consumer devices now feature multiple cameras that conform to the MIPI interface, and if the product is designed with a MIPI switch that requires only two data channels, the PI3WVR626 offers a lower-cost alternative while increasing performance.

The PI3WVR626 provides 2:1 multiplexing with three differential channels, each of which can quickly switch between high-speed (HS) and low-power (LP) MIPI signals. The device supports D-PHY with two data channels and one frequency channel, and supports C-PHY with two channels.

Each channel is switched using a low on-resistance single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch, which ensures low insertion loss with break-before-make operation. The high bandwidth of 4.5GHz, with minimal skew and crosstalk between channels, means that C-PHY operates at data rates of up to 2.5Gbps, and D-PHY also operates at data rates of up to 3Gbps. The PI3WVR626 operates from a supply voltage range of 1.5V to 3.6V.

The PI3WVR626 is now available in the X1-QFN2525-24 package.

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