Digital RMB App welcomes major updates, China Merchants Bank joins, and online merchants “turn positive”

Mobile payment network news: The digital renminbi pilot continues to advance, and the digital renminbi App has ushered in an update recently.

According to the mobile payment network, the latest version of the digital RMB App (iOS 1.3.43 Beta) has added “China Merchants Bank” to the list of supported operators, and the icons of it and WeBank are in a gray state, showing “coming soon”.

In July this year, the People’s Bank of China released the “White Paper on the Development of China’s Digital RMB”. At the media briefing on the same day, Fan Yifei, member of the People’s Bank of China Party Committee and Vice President, revealed for the first time that China Merchants Bank has recently been approved to join the second floor. in the operating system.

Under the two-tier operating system, the People’s Bank of China is at the center of the digital renminbi system, while the operating institutions including the six major banks are on the 2nd floor, and other commercial banks, non-bank payment institutions and Internet companies are on the 2.5th floor. , to help operating agencies expand their scenarios and provide digital renminbi circulation services.

Fan Yifei said that the operating institutions currently participating in the research and development of digital renminbi mainly include ICBC, ABC, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, Postal Savings Bank of China, China Mobile and ICBC, China Unicom, China Telecom and Bank of China to set up joint project teams to participate in research and development, and two Internet companies, Ant and Tencent. The company’s online merchants and WeBank also participated in the research and development.

Today, with the addition of “China Merchants Bank”, the number of 2-tier operating institutions has expanded from the original 6 major banks to 9.

In addition, the digital RMB App has also been updated and optimized on the interface, and the original “wallet management” button has been updated to the words “recharge/deposit money”.

In terms of supporting merchants of sub-wallets, major operating agencies have also expanded rapidly, and currently supports the push of more than 50 apps at most. For sub-wallets, the advantage is that payment information is encrypted, which can protect personal privacy; however, as various operating agencies support more and more sub-wallets, for users, its use and management experience will be greatly reduced.

In addition, it is worth noting that after the update, the digital RMB wallet of MYbank has supported the operations of “slip-up payment” and “slip-down collection”, and has the basic functions of the MYbank wallet in the digital yuan app.

Previously, it was displayed that “the function of the MYbank wallet is still under development and cannot be used temporarily”. To use the MYbank digital RMB wallet function, users need to open the Alipay App entrance. Whether this update means that the digital renminbi pilot of the Alipay system will take action is currently unknown.

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