Continued to lead Inspur Yunhai OS and won the highest “Leader” rating

Recently, the authoritative consulting firm GlobalData released a cloud platform evaluation report. Inspur Yunhai OS has been awarded the “Leader” rating for consecutive years, and continues to lead the global similar products, and has maintained the highest “Leader” rating for many consecutive times. Manufacturers that have obtained this Leader’s rating include International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) and Red Hat (Red Hat).


Continued to lead Inspur Yunhai OS and won the highest “Leader” rating

Inspur Yunhai OS-Cloud Operating System was rated by GlobalData Leader

GlobalData is a global authoritative consulting company. For more than 40 years, it has continuously output professional and objective industry research and manufacturer research reports in the fields of IT, communications, finance, and medical care. Cited by news organizations. The fact that GlobalData can give such a rating to Inspur reflects the high recognition of the technical strength of Inspur by the market and users.

GlobalData: Rapid growth of hybrid cloud business

The global digital transformation has entered a stage of multiplication and innovation. Cloud computing is an important production tool for digitalization and brings advantages in various aspects of cost and efficiency. With the continuous increase in the scale of users’ cloud business and application scenarios, the simultaneous service of steady-state and agile business models has become the norm. Hybrid cloud can organically combine enterprise private cloud, public cloud and local data center to provide enterprises with richer cloud services, more elastic cloud resources, and more reasonable cloud costs. Hybrid IT has become the preferred deployment method for enterprises.

GlobalData believes that the market presents a high growth and competitive landscape as solutions are no longer confined to private cloud environments, but can be deployed and managed in hybrid environments (public, private, edge). Therefore, GlobalData has made changes to the report subdivision and evaluation system, changing the Private Cloud Solutions (Private Cloud Solutions) to Application and Platform Life Cycle Management (APLM for short).

GlobalData’s evaluation system this time is divided into eight indicators: compliance management, container management, cost management, cross-platform visualization, cloud-side collaboration, flexible consumption, multi-platform security, and service mesh support. The evaluation level is divided into Leader, Very Strong , Strong, Competitive and Vulnerable five levels, “Leader” is the highest level. In this evaluation, Inspur Yunhai OS cloud operating system performed outstandingly in container management, cloud-side collaboration, cross-platform visualization, and multi-platform security, and was awarded the “Leader” level.

Topping the list: Inspur Yunhai OS was rated by Leader for many key capabilities

In the first evaluation after GlobalData changed the evaluation system, Inspur Yunhai OS still topped the list, which shows GlobalData’s recognition and affirmation of the product capabilities of Inspur Yunhai OS. Inspur Yunhai OS has won the leader’s evaluation in container management, cloud-side collaboration, cross-platform visualization, multi-platform security, comprehensive performance, etc., surpassing many similar products. GlobalData highly recognizes the following key capabilities of Inspur Yunhai OS:

Multi-platform compatibility: For a long time, Inspur Yunhai OS has provided users with a powerful open cloud platform, adhering to the concept of openness and compatibility, and adapting to major ecological partners. Inspur Yunhai OS adopts the industry-leading architecture to achieve layered decoupling including infrastructure layer, security protection layer, and business layer: full-stack CPU architecture (X86, ARM, MIPS, Alpha, LoongArch) server compatibility, mainstream storage manufacturer equipment, Fully open and compatible with mainstream SDN hardware and mainstream security vendors, and fully manage virtualization platforms such as VMware, Power VM, and KVM;

Enhanced integration of cloud, data and intelligence: Inspur Yunhai OS implements a full-stack service catalog of cloud, data, and intelligence. Tenants can apply online for cloud, big data, and AI services to realize cloud, data, and intelligence integration, unified management of resources, and service-oriented services. Provide incubation, unified management and computing power support for AI applications, accelerate the collection, processing and governance of users’ internal and external data, and continuously empower AI applications to comprehensively enhance the industry’s intelligence capabilities;

Extreme platform scalability: In long-term practice, Inspur Yunhai OS has the advantages of convenient deployment, convenient operation and maintenance, and flexible expansion. At the same time, it has strong linear scalability and can support unified management of 100+ data centers. At present, based on the OpenStack Rocky version, the 1000-node single cluster management and multi-center disaster recovery capabilities are practiced, which is convenient for enterprises to build a simple, fast and scalable open source cloud infrastructure, so as to support business deployment and innovation quickly and efficiently;

Leading converged architecture: From C/S to B/S ten years ago, to today’s containerized microservice architecture, from cloud management platform to now integrating virtualization, containers, big data, AI, and many ecological vendors and As an integrated private cloud platform, Inspur Yunhai OS always implements the concept of openness, integration and innovation in architecture, and realizes unified management, unified storage, unified network and unified scheduling of private cloud.

At the same time, the powerful hybrid cloud management function is another important reason why Inspur Yunhai OS won the highest rating of private cloud platform. With the development of hybrid cloud, Inspur Yunhai has always adhered to the product concept of “openness, integration, agility and intelligence”. The integration is not only the integration of private cloud and public cloud, but more importantly, it is more important for the construction of the customer informatization process. Cloud integration avoids the generation of new data islands. It is a multi-layer open integration from hardware to business to create an optimal cloud solution.

Inspur Yunhai OS realizes powerful and complete service-oriented management functions through its own cloud management platform, including complete stack service management, refined operation management, intelligent and flexible monitoring management, and enhanced hybrid cloud management (OpenStack / K8S / edge cloud / VMware/Ali cloud, etc.), collaborative cloud-side management, automated management, service factory, cross-cloud migration, etc., can help customers easily manage increasingly complex and changing cloud environments. At the same time, Inspur Yunhai OS can also provide rich AI full-stack services, providing complete AI resource scheduling and management services from AI resource pooling, AI training environment construction, AI inference deployment to AIOps automated management and other aspects.

For a long time, Inspur Yunhai OS has built an open, integrated, agile, and intelligent cloud operating system through continuous innovation in architecture optimization, authoritative benchmark testing, large-scale application, community contribution, and ecological improvement, providing digital services for all walks of life. Transformation, intelligent upgrade, integrated and innovative cloud infrastructure. At the same time, it continues to promote the development of open source technologies such as OpenStack and kubernetes in China and around the world, and makes unremitting efforts to build an innovative technology engine. This is why Inspur Yunhai OS has won the highest “Leader” rating for many times.

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