Chip University? Nanjing will set up IC University! !

Nanjing is the cradle of my country’s electronics industry. Various colleges and universities in Nanjing, Southeast University, Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, and Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications are very strong in Electronic engineering-related majors. Every year, a large number of outstanding graduates are trained for the integrated circuit industry. The establishment of a new integrated circuit university in Nanjing this time has strengthened the training of integrated circuit talents. Nanjing will become the most important base for the training of integrated circuit talents. This is great news for both the Chinese chip industry and Huawei.

Shi Longxing took Nanjing University of Integrated Circuits as an example. Nanjing University of Integrated Circuits is an IC university that emerged as the times require. It was established to meet the quantity, quality and diversity of IC talent training. Compared with traditional colleges and universities, the establishment of Nanjing University of Integrated Circuits mainly has four differences in the main body, positioning, certificate and title. It is intended for the university to cultivate talents around the development of the industry. It has a clear positioning goal and is able to Effectively solve the problem of talent shortage in current industrial development.

In addition to Nanjing Integrated Circuit University, news of the establishment of a new university has also been reported in other regions. The ones that attract more attention are Shenzhen Ocean University, Guangzhou Jiaotong University, and the University of the Greater Bay Area in Dongguan (all are tentative names). These three universities have all had the latest construction developments. Among them, Guangzhou Jiaotong University is based on Guangzhou Navigation College, plus Guangzhou Civil Aviation Vocational and Technical College, Guangdong Transportation Vocational and Technical College, Guangzhou Railway Vocational and Technical College, and Guangdong Posts and Telecommunications Vocational and Technical University Four colleges were formed.


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