China Southern Power Grid released a special plan for the technological development of “cloud, big things and moving intelligence”

Recently, China Southern Power Grid Corporation officially released special plans for cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, mobile applications and artificial intelligence. The planning in-depth research on the policy background and evolution trend of various technology development, combined with the industry’s leading practice, planned the company’s target blueprint for the development and application of related technologies from 2019 to 2021, analyzed the gap between the company’s current situation and the planning blueprint, and proposed corresponding measures. The implementation path, action plan and safeguard measures provide scientific guidance for promoting the company’s digital transformation and digital southern network construction. The company will invest nearly 10 billion yuan from 2019 to 2021 to ensure the effective implementation of various plans.

In order to implement the overall deployment of the construction of the digital southern network, at the end of last year, the company’s digital department completed a study on the “Influence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the Power Grid Transformation Trend”; A digital platform that radiates the upstream and downstream of the energy industry chain in the whole process of the power grid, throughout the entire business process, realizes the digitization of the power grid, the digitization of operations and the digitization of the energy ecosystem, and promotes the company to serve smart grid operators, energy industry value chain integrators, and energy ecosystem services business transformation.

Focusing on the construction goals of the Digital South Network, the company has compiled five special plans for the development of digital technologies, including cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, mobile applications and artificial intelligence, which were reviewed by internal and external experts and officially released in September. The review experts agreed that the special plan of “Cloud, Big Things, Shifting Intelligence” meets the needs of the company’s various technology application development, with clear thinking, clear goals, and complete content. Promote the deep integration of new technology and business.

——Lay the platform foundation for the construction of the digital southern network with the Southern Network Cloud. Nannet Cloud adopts a multi-cloud architecture integrating private cloud and public cloud to achieve unified management of IT resources across the network, optimize resource allocation, shorten resource delivery cycles, and strongly support the rapid construction and iterative upgrade of applications in various business scenarios of the company. On the premise of security, it will connect with the national industrial Internet, with the digital government and stakeholders in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. By integrating digital technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, we will build the company’s unified business components, data components and technical components, build a digital and intelligent basic support platform, and build a unified technical framework for the entire network to empower the company’s strategic decision-making and business operations. can.

——Build the unified data center as a new engine to unlock the value of big data. Adopt mature and advanced big data technology architecture, deploy unified cloud-data integration model, upgrade and improve company data center, carry out unified access to company-wide data, carry out unified storage of multi-source heterogeneous data, and carry out unified design of data warehouse model , to provide unified support for data analysis applications, build the basic data base for the construction of the digital southern network, fully tap the value of the company’s full-service data, and use a “one-stop” solution to achieve trusted aggregation of global data, on-demand supply of diverse services, and business Development is fully driven, data security is fully guaranteed, and data value is fully released in the digital economy era.

——Consolidate the global Internet of Things that supports the “digital twin” of the power grid. Build a company-wide IoT architecture blueprint consisting of perception layer, network layer, and platform layer, unify terminal standards at the perception layer, improve the scope of data collection for the grid panorama and the entire production process, and combine edge computing, fog computing and other technologies to improve the terminal’s performance. Front-end analysis capability and data access capability; various advanced communication technologies are widely used at the network layer to build an IoT communication network with large bandwidth, high reliability, flexible terminal access, and two-way interactive experience capability, forming an efficient, real-time, Accurate and secure network transmission capability; build a unified Internet of Things platform for the entire network at the platform layer, and deeply integrate with the big data platform and artificial intelligence platform to achieve unified access specifications, unified platform management and control, and unified data services, and promote the company’s comprehensive Internet of Things platform Perception, global interconnection, data sharing, and full control.

—— Actively build an “Internet +” mobile application ecosystem. Based on the mobile application platform that manages multi-node deployment at the company level, it creates rich, concise, easy-to-use and convenient mobile applications, unifies mobile application entrances, standardizes application data standards, supports rapid application construction and unified management and control, and improves internal and external user experience. Internally enrich mobile application scenarios, realize the gradual extension of traditional business systems to mobile terminals, maximize the mobility of the company’s business, and improve employee work efficiency; externally improve user stickiness, and use the “Internet +” thinking to build the company’s internal and external mobile application ecosystem , to promote mobile applications to cover all links of the power grid, run through the entire business process, and radiate the upstream and downstream of the energy industry chain.

—— Give full play to the “head goose” effect of artificial intelligence technology, and promote the application of artificial intelligence in the network province. Based on the cloud platform of China Southern Network, the computing, storage and data resources of the entire network are centralized, a unified large-scale distributed heterogeneous processor cluster is built, and a unified artificial intelligence platform composed of a capability development layer and a capability open layer is constructed to promote artificial intelligence. Intelligent technology is deeply integrated with the company’s business. At the capability development layer, build a unified artificial intelligence sample library, and provide model training tools that support machine vision, speech, semantics, decision support, machine learning/deep learning and other fields based on advanced deep learning frameworks. One-stop model training and R&D capabilities; at the capability open layer, provide rich and easy-to-use general components such as speech recognition, face recognition, OCR recognition, natural language processing, and power transmission and transformation equipment defect recognition, substation meter recognition, and operation. On-site behavior recognition and other power business components, build a deep integrated development system of “business driving, platform support, technology leadership, talent protection, and industrial collaboration”.

Under the guidance of the special plan, the company will make full use of the technology of “cloud, big things and move intelligence” to accelerate the digital transformation and the construction of digital southern network, fully support the company’s business development in various fields, and greatly improve the security and stable operation level of the power grid and the level of enterprise operation and management , improve the work efficiency and quality of employees, innovate business models, build an energy ecology, improve the competitiveness of enterprises and customer service levels, promote high-quality development of the company, and achieve strategic transformation.

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