Chain store monitoring and cashier systems are interconnected, SD-WAN intelligent networking solutions at a glance

As a combination of economies of scale, chain stores have basic characteristics such as unified image and unified management. However, with the expansion of scale and the demand for information development, the exchange of information between stores has become a major challenge.

Chain store monitoring and cashier systems are interconnected, SD-WAN intelligent networking solutions at a glance

Cross-regional information synchronization problem

For example, the S brand has 30+ directly-operated chain stores in many cities in China. Because the headquarters are located in different cities, the headquarters cannot know the operation status of the stores. For example, the sales and inventory data of the stores cannot be synchronized to the headquarters, and the supply of goods is not timely. The headquarters cannot analyze The consumer preferences of users lead to problems such as slow marketing decisions. Managers urgently need to use information technology to master the real-time cash register, inventory, monitoring and other data of each directly-operated store.

Shanghai Shixuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a security system integrator and intelligent solution provider, which can provide users with multi-dimensional products and services such as physical defense, technical defense, air defense and risk management in a timely manner. After receiving the demand for the S brand project, it analyzed a series of problems in the information interconnection between the brand headquarters and stores.

First, the headquarters and each store use different broadband services in different cities. The establishment of a traditional VPN network requires public IP or dedicated lines, and the implementation cost of this solution is too high; the second is a professional hardware networking solution. , deployment and post-maintenance steps are very complex, and deployment is difficult; in addition, the solution for interconnecting the headquarters and stores needs to take into account the later network maintenance issues, and the solution needs to have high reliability and maintenance convenience.

SD-WAN intelligent networking solution

In response to the actual needs of the S brand, Shixuan Technology has provided the Dandelion SD-WAN intelligent networking solution, which can break through the limitations of traditional regions, broadband and environment, allowing chain stores to realize the interconnection of information and data between the headquarters and each store.

The product list of the specific program is the combination of software and hardware such as Dandelion X3 and X5 routers, Dandelion access client, and Dandelion network member platinum version.

In terms of implementation and deployment, in terms of front-end systems, the monitoring system of S brand direct-operated stores is responsible for collecting video images of the store site, the cash register system updates sales data in real time, and connects these devices to the Dandelion X3 router for networking; the corporate headquarters is the core of operation and management. The acquisition and management of monitoring screen and cash register system information enjoy the highest authority. By deploying Dandelion X5 in the monitoring center, the monitoring screen and cash register system data of all stores can be aggregated.

Then, when managers or operation and maintenance personnel are on business trips, they can install the Dandelion access client software on their portable laptops to easily communicate with the monitoring system and cashier system of each branch.

Simple and flexible, efficient management

Dandelion SD-WAN intelligent networking is different from traditional MPLS private line, hardware VPN, etc. It does not need to rely on the public network environment, and does not limit the type of ISP used by each branch; the networking is simple, and does not require professional operation. The routers are deployed separately After the headquarters and each branch, a virtual large local area network can be established through the operation of the Web management platform; moreover, the network maintenance is simple in the later stage, and the Dandelion router supports cloud management, which can troubleshoot the fault without going to the site, reducing the difficulty of management and maintenance.

Therefore, Dandelion intelligent networking quickly meets the actual needs of S brand direct chain stores in operation, inventory distribution, allocation, etc., and branch data does not need to be uploaded on time every month; headquarters managers do not need to go to the store for on-site inspection, through intelligent networking The transmitted video images can comprehensively supervise the business stores across the country, flexibly check the business order in the store, and quickly respond to various emergencies and take effective response measures.

Taking the Dandelion network as the basis for the interconnection of chain stores, it has changed the business model of chain enterprises, made the collaboration between headquarters and stores simple and convenient, and greatly improved management efficiency.

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