Automotive gateway design from Renesas

Automotive gateway design from Renesas

Based around its R-Car S4 SoCs and power management chips, it is aimed at vehicle computers, communication gateways, domain servers and application servers.

“As the vehicle architectures evolve, safe connection to cloud services and secure management with in-vehicle control systems are major challenges,” said Renesas automotive general manager Takeshi Kataoka. “We have addressed these challenges with our solution, and OEMs have already begun to design systems with this solution.”

Evaluation boards are available suing the RAA271041 SoC, RAA271005 power chip and RC2121x timing IC.

“For new projects, customers that already use similar Renesas SoC and MCU devices in various, legacy IVI/cockpit and body-application ECU platforms can enjoy a high level of software and hardware re-use,” claimed the company. The R-Car S4 solution allows designers to re-use up to 88% of software code developed for 3rd generation R-Car SoCs and RH850 MCU applications. The software package supports the real-time cores with various drivers and basic software such as Linux BSP and hypervisors.”

The SoC has eight 1.2GHz Cortex A55 cores, a 1GHz dual core (lock-step) Cortex R52 and two 400MHz RH850 G4MH dual cores (also lock-step).

Interfaces include 16x CAN FD, 16x LIN, 8x SENT, 1x FlexRay and 4x PCIe V4.0. An integrated three-port Ethernet TSN switch offers 3 x 2.5Gbit/s for low-latency communication in the vehicle backbone and to the outside world.

The Renesas design page is here