NEC NL6448BC33-53 vs. NL6448BC33-46 LCD Displays: A Comparative Analysis

When choosing an LCD display for your industrial or commercial application, understanding the specifications and differences between available models is crucial. Here, two NEC LCD panels: the NL6448BC33-53 and the NL6448BC33-46, to help you make an informed decision.

Key Specifications

Specification NL6448BC33-53 NL6448BC33-46
Panel Size 10.4 inch 10.4 inch
Resolution 640 x 480 (VGA) 640 x 480 (VGA)
Display Technology a-Si TFT-LCD a-Si TFT-LCD
Display Mode TN, Normally White, Transmissive TN, Normally White, Transmissive
Active Area 211.2 x 158.4 mm 211.2 x 158.4 mm
Outline Dimensions 243 x 185.1 x 11 mm 243 x 185.1 x 11 mm
Surface Clear, Hard Coating (3H) Clear, Hard Coating (3H)
Brightness 400 cd/m² (Typ.) 350 cd/m² (Typ.)
Contrast Ratio 600:1 (Typ.) 300:1 (Typ.)
Display Colors 262K (6-bit) 262K (6-bit)
Response Time 25 ms (Typ.) 6/40 ms (Typ.)(Tr/Td)
Viewing Angle 80/80/80/80 (Typ.)(CR≥10) (L/R/U/D) 70/70/45/55 (Typ.)(CR≥10) (L/R/U/D)
Frequency 60Hz 60Hz
Lamp Type 2 pcs CCFL 2 pcs CCFL
Signal Interface CMOS (1 ch, 6-bit) CMOS (1 ch, 6-bit)
Input Voltage 3.3/5.0V (Typ.)(VCC) 3.3/5.0V (Typ.)(VCC)
Operating Temperature 0 to 70°C 0 to 65°C
Storage Temperature -20 to 80°C -20 to 80°C

NEC NL6448BC33-53 vs. NL6448BC33-46 LCD Displays: A Comparative Analysis

NEC NL6448BC33-53 vs. NL6448BC33-46 LCD Displays: A Comparative Analysis

Detailed Analysis

Brightness and Contrast Ratio

The NL6448BC33-53 offers a higher brightness at 400 cd/m² compared to the NL6448BC33-46’s 350 cd/m². This makes the NL6448BC33-53 better suited for environments with higher ambient light where readability is critical. Additionally, the contrast ratio of the NL6448BC33-53 is significantly higher at 600:1, providing better image clarity and depth compared to the NL6448BC33-46’s 300:1.

Viewing Angles

The NL6448BC33-53 provides superior viewing angles, rated at 80 degrees in all directions (left, right, up, down), which ensures better visibility from various angles. The NL6448BC33-46, on the other hand, offers slightly narrower viewing angles, particularly vertically, with 70/70/45/55 degrees.

Response Time

The NL6448BC33-53 has a response time of 25 ms, which is adequate for most standard applications. The NL6448BC33-46 features a split response time of 6 ms rise and 40 ms fall, indicating a potential difference in performance under specific conditions.

Environmental Specifications

Both models have similar storage temperature ranges, but the NL6448BC33-53 operates effectively up to 70°C, compared to the NL6448BC33-46’s 65°C. This makes the NL6448BC33-53 slightly more versatile in environments with higher operating temperatures.


In summary, the NL6448BC33-53 excels in brightness, contrast ratio, and viewing angles. The NL6448BC33-46, while slightly less bright and with a lower contrast ratio, still offers solid performance and may be suitable for less demanding environments or applications where cost is a more significant concern.