Apple’s new patent: iMessage can also edit sent messages

Sina Technology News Beijing time on the afternoon of May 11th, according to foreign media reports, a patent application document recently released by the US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) shows that Apple may add some more to the instant messaging software iMessages that comes with the iOS system. New features, including re-editing of sent messages.

Apple’s patent application for this new technology is called “Devices, Methods, and Graphical User Interfaces for Messaging” (Devices, Methods, and Graphical User Interfaces for Messaging), covering everything from the device side, to graphical interface design and gesture touch Operation and other related application functions.

Most notable of these is the “full text editing of sent messages” feature. Users can select a certain piece of sent information through preset action commands such as long-pressing or light-touching with their fingers, and then edit and modify them. After modification, the interface will Display the edited information and send it to the recipient.

iMessage is an instant messaging app introduced with iOS 10 that allows users to send text, pictures, videos and contact information over WiFi or mobile data networks. But iMessage has many limitations compared to other similar apps.

Analysts say that if Apple continues to improve iMessage, adding features such as message editing described in the patent filing, it could help Apple better compete with other more popular messaging apps like WeChat. Of course, it remains to be seen when these new features will make their way into iOS. (evening wind)

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