Apple’s 42 retail stores in China resumed business, then closed all retail stores in Italy

Previously, Apple closed all retail stores and offices in China on February 1 due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. Today, Apple announced that all of its 42 retail stores in China have reopened.

Originally, Apple was only going to close for a week, with plans to resume on February 9, but the shutdown was eventually extended. The closure of Apple’s retail stores in China, coupled with supply constraints and restrictions on public gatherings, has caused iPhone sales to plummet. Data released earlier this week showed that Apple sold less than 500,000 iPhones in China in February, down 60 percent from February 2019.

And Apple’s retail stores abroad began to encounter a “crisis”. In Italy, Apple has closed all 17 retail stores until further notice. In the United States, the situation is not too optimistic.

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