Apple officially released iOS 15: Android and some Apple finally have it!

At 1:00 am Beijing time on June 8, 2021, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2021) kicked off. Like last year, this year’s opening meeting is still held online.

After a hilarious comedy short, Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked off the show at Apple headquarters. Unlike last year when the audience was empty, this year the audience was full of memoji. Cook said that everyone can become an Apple developer, and WWDC welcomes every developer.

Apple officially released iOS 15: Android and some Apple finally have it!

What highlights did WWDC bring us this time? Let’s take a look.

01 iOS 15 system officially released

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software, announced that Apple has released iOS 15, the latest version of its iPhone operating system, which is typically released to users in the fall alongside new iPhones.

Apple officially released iOS 15: Android and some Apple finally have it!

iOS 15 brings improvements to FaceTime. FaceTime supports spatial audio to make calls more realistic; supports portrait mode blur effect, increases group chat and provides auto focus; supports link sharing; Windows and Android can support FaceTime calls through browsers. Users can also share their screen or music through a new software feature called ShareTime.

iOS 15 can turn on a new focus mode, the new notification menu will group unimportant notifications together, and important notifications will be automatically displayed on the top to help you focus. In addition, after the device using iOS 15 has turned on Do Not Disturb mode, you will be prompted when someone sends you a message.

iOS 15 introduced “Live Text”. Users can automatically recognize the handwritten fonts as text by directly taking pictures, and even directly recognize the phone in the photo and dial directly, and support 7 languages ​​including Chinese, which is more efficient; it brings a stronger Spotlight search function, It also includes enhanced machine learning to recognize pictures.

Meanwhile, a feature called Memories, which uses machine learning to combine photos into relevant galleries or animations, can also add music from Apple Music.

The newly launched Wallet App for iOS adds room cards, work cards, hotel room cards, etc., which can unlock cars, and may even replace physical wallets; the new Weather App adds a dynamic interface, and users can see real-time pollution and pollution on the map. Rain cloud map.

At the same time, AirPods under iOS15 can help hearing-impaired people bring clearer voice, support broadcast notifications and headphone positioning – no longer have to worry about losing your AirPods! At the same time, spatial audio has also been upgraded.

A new feature in AirPods called Conversation Acceleration could help people in busy environments better understand who they’re talking to in real time. Users can also adjust ambient background noise levels to improve audio quality, and if needed, Siri can help read important notifications, not just incoming calls and messages.

02 iPadOS 15 and privacy protection features

Apple has released new iPad software called iPadOS 15.

iPadOS 15 includes rearranging iPad apps, the ability to place widgets on the home screen, and a previously iPhone-exclusive App Library feature that lets users automatically organize apps in line with iOS.

Apple officially released iOS 15: Android and some Apple finally have it!

At the same time, Apple has also launched a new multitasking interface, adding a task shelf function, which makes it easier to place two apps side by side on the iPad screen, and multiple apps in the same frame can be launched from the home screen. Screen applications can remain in the background and can be opened again when needed.

At the same time, the Apple Notes app has been updated with a feature called “Quick Notes” that allows users to quickly take notes with the Apple Pencil.

iPadOS 15 also improves the transparency of privacy permissions. Users can directly view which apps have frequently used sensitive data such as your geographic information, photo information, and communication information in the past week.

The new Translate app for iPad will allow users to speak and translate discussions on the screen in real time.

At this conference, Apple also launched a number of new features related to privacy protection, practicing Apple’s consistent principle: “Privacy is everyone’s basic right.”

In the new system, Apple brings a new email privacy protection function and App privacy report to users. Email Privacy Shield hides IP, location, and IP addresses from trackers in Safari. The App Privacy Report, on the other hand, allows users to see how often an app has used information over the past 7 days.

Apple said that Siri will support offline speech recognition, and all audio when using Siri will be processed entirely in the machine, even if there is no Internet connection, the corresponding service can be turned on. This means it’s more private but faster because certain commands don’t have to be sent to the cloud first.

In addition, Apple has launched a new iCloud+ service, which can hide web addresses, email addresses, etc., and provides support for HomeKit Secure Video, which is included in the current price of iCloud. Apple has also launched the “Digital Heritage Plan”, which supports users to add heritage contacts to their accounts. After the unfortunate death of a user, users who are set as heritage contacts can apply for access to relevant content.

Apple officially released iOS 15: Android and some Apple finally have it!

03 Other updates

At this conference, Apple officially launched the watchOS 8 system, which has made some upgrades mainly for health.

watchOS 8 adds a “contemplation” function, and at the same time adds monitoring of breathing rate in sleep mode to help users get better sleep monitoring; updated mindfulness app to help users think about things that make them feel positive; breathing app function Enhanced with new beautiful animations.

Apple officially released iOS 15: Android and some Apple finally have it!

In addition, the watchOS 8 system also brings a new portrait dial, supports GIF animation “reflection mode” soothing animation; new Tai Chi mode records and Pilates records.

On the smart home front, Apple is further integrating the HomePod Mini with Apple TV and other devices.

By this fall, swimmers will be able to have the HomePod mini play content on their Apple TV, as well as use the HomePod mini to stream stereo from their TV, a feature previously limited to the now-discontinued HomePod.

Apple has released the all-new macOS Monterey. macOS Monterey adds Universal Controls, allowing users to use the same mouse and keyboard on a Mac or iPad to drag files to each other and even drag files across three screens. Users do not need to open any mode, just put three devices together, and the function is automatically activated, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Apple officially released iOS 15: Android and some Apple finally have it!

macOS Monterey supports shortcut commands, which can be set freely, and one-click to open many applications or web pages to achieve “automatic” operations. Safari browser also ushered in UI updates, the design is more concise.

At the end of the conference, Apple’s developer ecology was emphasized, saying that Apple provided developers with a more comprehensive and convenient development environment. Finally, Tim Cook said that the new beta software will be available to developers and early adopters over the next month and will be released to the public in the fall.

Apple officially released iOS 15: Android and some Apple finally have it!

This Apple WWDC conference is still only some software update information. There is no hardware update information such as the iPad mini, AirPods3, and Apple AR glasses based on the picture and text of the invitation, which have been speculated by the media before. Most boring WWDC”.

What do you think of the series of updates for iOS 15? Looking forward to it coming soon?

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