Apple applies for a more practical folding phone patent: using two independent screens


Sina Technology News Beijing time on the evening of March 10th, according to foreign media reports, a newly released patent application documents show that Apple may be in a more practical way to make a foldable iPhone or iPad.

Whether it’s the Samsung Galaxy Fold or the Motorola Razr, the current foldable screen smartphones are still not perfect, and there are more or less technical issues. Apple’s patented technology can solve these problems.

According to the document, Apple’s folding technology uses two completely separate screens that can act as a single Display when unfolded. Electronic devices can use sensor measurements and other information to detect when the edge of a first device is adjacent to the edge of a second electronic device, Apple said in the filing.

In order to detect an adjacency relationship between the edges of the first and second devices, the devices may transition from an independent mode of operation (each device operates separately) to a joint mode of operation (device resource sharing).

In joint operation mode, images can be displayed across device screens, speakers in each device can be used to play different channels of music, cameras and sensors in different devices can be used in cooperation with each other, and other resources can be shared.

In addition, the application documents show that magnets can be used to align the screen. Magnetic components can hold the device together in various orientations. (Li Ming)

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