Analog chip supplier Lixin Micro has landed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, with Samsung/Xiaomi/Wingtech as its customers

Analog chip supplier Lixin Micro has landed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, and Samsung, Xiaomi, Wingtech, etc. are its customers

Wuxi Lixin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. Its stock is abbreviated as “Lixin Micro” and its stock code is “688601”. This time, Lixin Micro plans to publicly issue 16 million shares, accounting for 25% of the total share capital after the issuance. The raised funds are planned to be invested in high-performance power conversion and driver chip research and development and industrialization projects, high-performance power protection chip research and development and industrialization projects, R&D center construction projects and development reserve projects.

Yingtang Zhikong: The company plans to transform the 6-inch silicon-based production line into a third-generation semiconductor testing production line

Recently, Yingtang Zhikong said in an institutional survey that the company completed the delivery of the 100% equity acquisition of Yingtang Micro Technology in October 2020. Intang Micro Technology focuses on the R&D and production of analog IC and digital IC products for optical disc equipment and image processing, and is an experienced IDM semiconductor service provider. Since Intang Micro Technology is good at photoelectric signal conversion technology, it can quickly realize the industrial integration with the company’s domestic industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics customer resources. In the future, Intang Micro Technology will undertake the company’s chips in the fields of automotive electronics and sensors. R&D.

CLP Pengcheng has developed the third-generation semiconductor wafer dicing machine, which is expected to be mass-produced by the end of the year

According to reports, CLP Pengcheng has developed a third-generation semiconductor wafer dicing machine. The flatness of the product after vacuuming the wafer is less than 5 microns, realizing the localization of semiconductor “stuck neck” equipment, and it is expected to start mass production by the end of the year. According to the relevant person in charge of CLP Pengcheng, domestic and international giants are in the early stage of development in the research and development of third-generation semiconductors and equipment, and they are basically on the same starting line. Now the development of third-generation semiconductor equipment is to achieve the goal of overtaking in corners.

Apple to restart plan to build $1 billion data center in Ireland

According to the Business Post, Apple is trying to restart plans to build a large data center in the town of Athenry in County Galway, Ireland. According to the report, Apple has submitted an application to Galway County Council to extend the previous planning permission for five years. In 2016, Apple first obtained planning permission to build a data center on 490 acres of land it owns, and the planning permission for the center will expire in September this year. In May 2018, Apple canceled the $1 billion data center plan, which aimed to bring good economic benefits and jobs to the local area, but was opposed, and the long approval time was the main reason for the cancellation of the plan.

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