Allegro Introduces Custom SOIC16W Package Ideal for Applications such as Power Intensive Hybrid/Electric Vehicles and Solar

Recently, Allegro MicroSystems (hereinafter referred to as Allegro), a global leader in power and sensing solutions for motion control and energy-saving systems, announced the launch of a new custom SOIC16W package called “MC”, which marks the industry’s current sensing technology requires high isolation. and a leap forward in low-power power-intensive applications. The new package features an ultra-low series resistance of 265?Ω, more than 2.5 times lower than existing SOIC16W solutions, while offering Allegros’ highest certified 5kV isolation rating.

The first devices available in the new package are the Allegro current sensor ICs ACS724 and ACS725, both offering leading performance in terms of speed and accuracy. These devices are ideal for applications such as DC/DC converters, solar inverters, UPS systems, various electric vehicle (xEV) on-board chargers (OBCs), electric vehicle charging stations and motor control.

New package features higher power density and smaller footprint

With the trend toward smaller solution sizes, engineers face more thermal challenges. The new MC package has twice the thickness of the copper leadframe as the standard SOIC package and has an ultra-low series resistance of 265µΩ, enabling the higher current density of the Allegro IC package, which in turn increases power density in customer applications. At the same time, the smaller footprint of the SOIC16W also allows the use of a smaller PCB. The new package is capable of sensing higher than 80A continuous current based on operating temperature requirements, reducing the need for external cooling components.

Shaun Milano, Director of the Current Sensors Business Unit at Allegro, explained: “Allegro’s goal is to work towards a more sustainable future, and our innovations are leading the industry. Electric and hybrid vehicle designers are working to reduce the weight and cost of their systems. volume, they need solutions with higher power density, and the new MC package makes it easier to achieve these goals than previous solutions.”

Allegro’s optimized, patented architecture enables higher isolation levels

Allegro’s patented internal package architecture is another industry first, and its 5kV rated isolation voltage value enables customers to operate at continuous voltages up to 1600VDC and 1140VRMS, fully meeting the most demanding electric vehicle applications and the new 1500VDC solar standard requirements.

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