Academician Talk | Ni Guangnan: The “Data Security Law” provides a regulatory basis for data security in various industries

Following the “Network Security Law”, my country recently issued the “Data Security Law”. The promulgation of this new regulation indicates that my country has laws to abide by in the field of data security and provides a regulatory basis for data security in various industries.

“Data” has become a new factor of production, the country’s basic and strategic resources, and an important productive force. There is no doubt about the status and role of data. Data is closely related to national sovereignty, social order and public interests. It can be said that there is no national security without data security.

The promulgation of the “Data Security Law” officially raised data security to the national security strategy in the form of law, and together with the “National Security Law” and the “Cyber ​​Security Law” constitute the basic law of national security, forming the overall national security concept. Three cornerstones. The “Data Security Law” emphasizes the overall national security concept in the legislative concept, and adheres to the data security legislative principle of “equal emphasis on national risk prevention and digital economic development”; in the legislative dimension, it not only clarifies data security but also pays attention to data development; The national data security work has made overall arrangements; achieved full coverage in the scope of application and applicable subjects, and clarified the effect of extraterritorial jurisdiction; emphasized the strengthening of data export management; proposed the establishment of a cooperative governance model of government enforcement, platform autonomy, and industry self-discipline; A clear way to deal with illegal acts is put forward; the security requirements for government data are clarified.

However, data itself has its own particularity. Among the three basic forms of matter, energy and information in the objective world, it belongs to the category of information. Therefore, it is obvious that special methods are needed to measure data security. We believe that, for this purpose, it is necessary to formulate standards for data monitoring and evaluation, and establish or entrust corresponding institutions to implement them.

In a word, the promulgation of the “Data Security Law” provides a basis for safeguarding national data security, and we should make great efforts to implement it. It is hoped that the above suggestions will help improve the national data security assurance capability and can effectively deal with countries in the non-traditional field of data. Security risks and challenges, and earnestly safeguard national sovereignty, social order and the fundamental interests of the people.

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